We have been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1979. Here are some comments from our patients:

"Probably my most memorable moment with Dr. Phillips came during a regularly scheduled office visit. Dr. Phillips was reviewing my rather lengthy list of allergies when he came upon shellfish in the list. He asked how long it had been since I had eaten lobster. I replied several years. His immediate response was 'You have suffered long enough!' and he wrote a prescription for an EpiPen. I really like the staff, they have become like an extended family to me. I have found them all to be friendly, helpful, and very professional. When I call it is nice to hear a familiar voice on the phone that does not treat me like a stranger. I think they are great." - Bob B., Reddington Beach, FL

"I have been seeing Dr. Phillips longer than any other patient. He is the most positive, kind, and caring doctor I have had in my life and I will soon be 80 years old. I totally trust him with my life. I have had serious problems with asthma and allergies. He keeps me going and able to lead a normal, happy life. Dr. Phillips also has a very capable and caring staff. They are always there when I need them. I think God led me there many years ago and I am thankful for that." - Patricia J., Tampa, FL

"I am a person with many allergies as well as asthma. I have been a patient of Dr. J. Wayne Phillips since April of 2000 and have always received wonderful care from both Dr. Phillips and his Nurse Practitioner, Melissa. I find all of the staff members very personable and enjoy seeing everyone when I come in for my shots or my appointments." - Marge P., Clearwater, FL

"From the first time I had my allergy test and every subsequent visit thereafter, I've felt like I was the only patient that Dr. Phillips had. Dr. Phillips, Melissa, and the staff have been concerned about every aspect of my allergy, asthma, and sinus problems that from time to time flair up. They care about me and getting me better." - David G., Palm Harbor, FL

"Dr. Phillips has always been a great help since stating my allergy shots a year ago. Shot times are very open and flexible, so fitting them into daily schedules is easy. All staff greets and treats patients like family making it one of the friendliest offices around. Thank you Dr. Phillips and staff for all you have done. I truly do appreciate all your hard work!" - Tommy T., Clearwater, FL

"My son was having food allergy testing done, involving actually eating the food. My son was very nervous as was I. The nurses were fantastic. Heather stayed with us the entire time. She called it a food challenge, which my son found very exciting. Heather, and all of the nurses, were very encouraging and supportive. My son and I were very happy to learn he outgrew certain food allergies. I am very thankful that Dr. Phillips' staff made the 'food challenge' such an easygoing and friendly experience." - Alexis, Palm Harbor, FL

"Dr. Phillips is very unique in one really great way - he can relate to both kids and adults. I like a very 'medical' doctor that gets to the point and tells me the medical details I want. He does that and does that well. When I took my 4-year-old in to see him, he became a kind, gentle teddy bear for her. Four years later, she still love going to see him. The staff at the office are fantastic. They know us by name and genuinely care about us." - Sydney L., Palm Harbor, FL

"I have been a patient of Dr. Phillips and staff for almost four years. I was diagnosed with allergies and asthma in my early 60's and am so much better with both of these health issues since I've been here. I have had several times when I needed to get into the office ASAP and always have been able to get in. The entire staff is not only efficient, but cares about the patient and their well being. I am very grateful to Dr. Phillips, Melissa, and the staff for their TLC!" - Jeanne R., Clearwater, FL

"When I first started seeing Dr. Phillips, I had already been to my primary care physician for a year with no luck. My allergies were so bad that I could hardly function. I had severe headaches, sinus infections, and very low energy. Upon starting with Dr. Phillips and his treatments, my headaches were at a minimum and I was finally learning more about what types of things I was allergic to and when the worst times were for me. I have been on allergy shots for a long time now and take medications regularly. The careful monitoring of my allergy issues has been a reassuring and thought out process. I am grateful to Dr. Phillips and his wonderful staff for helping to get me back on track." - Amber K., Clearwater, FL

"Dr. Phillips and his staff are awesome! Most memorable moments here at Dr. Phillips' office is watching the nurses work with the patients in a loving, caring manner. Each patient is treated with respect. Dr. Phillips and staff are knowledgeable, caring, efficient, and well organized. It appears that all patients' needs are met. Thank you Dr. Phillips and the staff." - Marie G., Tarpon Springs, FL

"My name is Jim and I have been seeing Dr. Phillilps for about 4 years and been in Florida for over 30 years and suffered from allergy problems. But after one plus years on allergy shots, my symptoms diminished quite a bit. I get shots now once per month and I hardly ever catch a cold or suffer much from sinus problems and post nasal drip. I could not be any happier with my results plus Dr. Phillips always treated me with respect, he listened and took the time to explain things and is a great doctor." - Jim T., Palm Harbor, FL

"I have been a patient of Dr. Phillips since 1987. My office file is so thick that they use it for a doorstop! Dr. Phillilps coached theh girls soccer team at St. Cecelia's School when I was the athletic director for 27 years. He compiled the best won-loss record for the girls soccer team ever at St. Cecelia! Dr. Phillips has seen me through really rough times with my allergies and sinus surgery. I cannot say enough about all he has done for me as a patient! He keeps me going strong! His office staff has no equal in my opinion! They are professional, polite, caring and always ready to assist you in any way that they can. I would recommend Dr. Phillips to anyone who is in need of an allergist!" - Neil K., Seminole, FL

"When I came to Dr. Phillips' office, I couldn't stop coughing plus it was very hard to breathe. I was hospitalized the weeks before and was sent home because they couldn't help me. I was on a breathing machine, inhalers, prednisone and I was miserable. Now I'm taking an inhaler twice a day and everything is under control. They also found out I was allergic to a lot of stuff so now I get allergy shots to keep that under control. You couldn't ask for a nicer staff. I really love them all. They are so helpful and I enjoy seeing them every time." - Donna M., Largo, FL

"I have been a patient of Dr. Phillips for the past nine years. He impressed me immediately right on my very first visit. He took the time to listen to my problems, which there were many, took notes and started working on a plan to bring my allergies and asthmatic condition under control. There are many times when I need to see the doctor or the nurse practitioner before my regular scheduled appointments. The nurses and the rest of his staff have always managed somehow to see to it that I would be able to see Dr. Phillips or Melissa, the nurse practitioner that very day. All of Dr. Phillips' nurses and his staff members are exceptionally friendly and very professional. They always make me feel they are sincerely interested in me as a person and not just another patient. One of my most memorable experiences being Dr. Phillips' patient took place a few years ago. While Dr. Phillips was on vacation in Russia I became very sick. I had to see his nurse practitioner about my condition. Due to the complicated nature of my illness, she had to contact Dr. Phillips in Russia to seek his advice and he was able to prescribe the necessary medications. In dealing with Dr. Phillips and any of his staff I always feel that I am in good hands. I consider it a blessing to be treated by one of the best doctors who always take the time to listen." - Victor V., Clearwater, FL