BFO Corporate and Financial Information

The Brough Family Organization (BFO) is directed and supported by the Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO)--which is a non-profit Ancestral Family Organization.

Corporate History

In December 1890, Samuel Richard Brough (1857-1947) returned to Utah after serving a four-year mission to the British Isles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon). After returning to Utah, Samuel encouraged his Brough relatives living in the western United States to begin holding Brough Family Reunions. The "Brough Family Organization" was formally organized in 1918, with Samuel Richard Brough serving as its first president from 1918 to 1938. Between 1918 and 1968, Brough Family Reunions were held in such places as Bountiful, Kaysville, Lagoon, Morgan, Porterville, Ogden, and Randolph, Utah, and in Lyman, Wyoming.

In 1969, Hyrum C. Brough, a son of Samuel Richard Brough, founded the Samuel Richard Brough Family Organization (SRBFO). From 1979 to 1982, the SRBFO operated alongside the Brough Family Organization-which was incorporated in 1979 in Utah as the Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO) and approved in 1979 as a non-profit organization by the IRS (IRS #94-2612574). In 1983, the SRBFO was fully merged into the RBFO (and the SRBFO's existence as a separate corporation was allowed to expire in 2005). From 1969 to 1999, most Brough Family Reunions were held in Bountiful, Utah. Since 2000, most Brough Family Reunions have been held in Kaysville, Utah. In February 2011, the RBFO changed its on-line identity to the Brough Family Organization (BFO).

Today, the Brough Family Organization holds International Brough Reunions and sponsors special reunions and research projects as needed.

Past and Present Finances of the RBFO

During the past 48 years, from 1 June 1969 to 31 December 2017, the RBFO has received $221,553 from its members. This money came mainly from the sale of publications and contributions. To accomplish its objectives the RBFO has spent about 70% of its income on genealogical research, about 15% of its income on the printing of books and other written materials and the production of CD's and videos, and about 15% of its income on postage, stationary, office supplies, computer typography, Internet and web related costs and government registration fees. Currently the RBFO has no debt and maintains a positive balance in accordance with financial objectives determined annually by its Board of Trustees.

Each year the RBFO hopes that enough donations will be forthcoming to cover an estimated $2,000 in annual expenses-which includes $1,400 for additional research projects and $600 for office supplies, printing, postage, and Internet and Web hosting costs. Therefore, the RBFO asks parent or grandparent organizations to try and raise $100 or more that can be donated annually to the RBFO. Of course all financial donations-large or small-are always welcomed and greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible in the United States. Please mail your donations to: Mrs. Janene Brough Wood, RBFO Secretary, 115 East 800 North, Bountiful, Utah, 84010, USA. Contribute directly to the BFO via PayPal.

Tax Deductions and Information for RBFO Members

The Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO) is one of the largest ancestral family organizations in the world, and is listed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States Government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt family history and genealogical organization (IRS EIN # 94-2612574) that is "a public charity with a 50% deductibility limitation." ("The 50% limit applies to the total of all charitable contributions [a person] make[s] during the year. This means that [a person's] deduction for charitable contributions cannot be more than 50% of [his/her] adjusted gross income for the year.").

According to IRS documents, United States citizens "can deduct [their] contributions of money or property that [they] make to, or for the use of [the RBFO]." Individuals who "give property to [the RBFO].can generally deduct the fair market value of the property at the time of [their] contribution." Also, RBFO members "may [also] be able to deduct some amounts" of "out-of-pocket expenses" they "pay in giving services to [the RBFO]"-such as "the cost of gas and oil, that are directly related to the use of [their] car in giving services to [the RBFO]", and "travel expenses necessarily incurred while [they] are away from home performing services for [the RBFO]." (See IRS Publication # 526 on "Charitable Contributions"--from which the above quoted statements come from--for further detailed information about these allowable tax deductions.)

In accordance with IRS policy, the RBFO "give[s] a written statement [to all United States citizens who] make [an annual] payment to [the RBFO] that is more than $75 and is partly a contribution and partly for goods or services," and also provides a written "acknowledgement of [all individual] contribution[s]" of "$250 or more." (See IRS Publication # 526.) This statement or acknowledgement is sent out every January to qualifying donors by the RBFO Secretary and is entitled "RBFO Acknowledgement of Contributions Statement." However, in an effort to make sure that every qualified donor receives such a statement, the RBFO Board of Trustees asks that all RBFO donors who feel they have contributed $75 or more in monetary contributions or goods or services in a calendar year to the RBFO submit an itemized description of such contributions or expenditures-along with supporting explanations and copies of any related bills and receipts-to the RBFO Secretary by January 10th. The RBFO Secretary will then review such materials with the RBFO Board of Trustees and will, after receiving the Board's approval, send back to qualified donors an official "RBFO Acknowledgement of Contributions Statement" by January 31.