Research Sources

Looking for your Brough ancestors?

If you're looking for information on your Brough ancestry, or if you're not sure you're related to the Broughs of the Brough Family Organization, we recommend you do the following:

1.) First, see if you can find your Brough ancestors in the BFO Genealogical Databases or in the world's largest free online genealogical database at Family Search. The Family Search website provides you with access to the extensive genealogical records of the Family History Library (FHL) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

2.) Second, contact the BFO via email and briefly explain your research problem. BFO family genealogists usually investigate most research questions related to Brough ancestry within 30 days. However, BFO family genealogists usually volunteer only two hours of their time to each such inquiry. If BFO family genealogists are not able to freely resolve your research question(s) within this time period--or if you feel it would require more than two hours of research to resolve your question(s)--you can contact family genealogists, a professional genealogist or a genealogical research firm to conduct additional research on your behalf.

3.) Third, the following websites may be of help to you in your genealogical research endeavors: (commercial genealogy website) (commerical genealogy website)

Australia BMD Records (gateway to Australian births, marriages and death records, via Cora Num)

Australia Cemeteries Index (graves and photos of many Australians)

BillionGraves (extensive database of gravestone information and photos throughout the world)

BMD Certificates from the GRO (birth, marriage and death certificates are available from the GRO)

British Newspaper Archives (searchable names and events in British newspapers)

California Birth Records, 1905 thru 1995

Church of England Locations (where you can find parish churches and their locations and contact info)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (death records of British Commonwealth military personnel in WW1 & WWII)

Deseret News newspaper online (via Google)

Early Mormon Missionaries (features 41,000 LDS missionaries between 1830 to 1930)

Family Search Labs (allows easy searching of huge databases--like the British Isles Vital Records Index)

Family Search Wiki - Family Organizations (info about ancestral and surname family organizations)

Family Search Wiki (free family history research advice)

FamilySearch (Public version of FamilySearchby the LDS Church

FamilySearch Tree (LDS Church membership version of FamilySearch Tree)

FamilySearch Tree Contact Page

FHL Catalog (access to Family History Library Catalog)

FHL Family Group Records Patron Collection, 1962-1979 (FHL Film # 428056)

Find A Grave (extensive database of gravestone information, photos and brief biographies throughout the world)

Find a Will or Probate in England & Wales between 1858-1996 (via: (commerical genealogy website)

Free BMD (listing of births, marriages and deaths in the United Kingdom & Ireland--beginning in 1837)

Free Zip Code Lookup (lists related cities, counties and states in the United States)

Genealogical Relationship Chart (that explains and shows multiple relationships)

GENUKI (a very large collection of United Kingdom and Ireland genealogical resources)

Gravestone Photographic Resource (extensive database of gravestone information and photos throughout the world)

GRO Online Index (England and Wales births and deaths of 1837-1916 which birth's contain the mother's surname) (includes United States Census records)

Histories of Utah Pioneers (online index of Utah pioneer histories via Daughters of Utah Pioneers)

Interactive Maps of FamilySearch (show parish locations and information about available records)

Irish Genealogy (births: 1864-1915; marriages: 1882-1940 (eventually 1845+); deaths: 1891-1965 (eventually 1864+)

LDS Temples and genealogical codes (of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

MeasuringWorth (comparative purchasing power and value of currency through time)

Mormon Immigration Ship Index (of LDS members who sailed to the United States in the 1800's)

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel (contains thousands of names and dates of pioneers, 1847-1868)

Mormon Pioneers and the Companies they traveled in to Utah (commercial genealogy website)

N.S.W., Australia, Births, Marriages and Deaths Registry (Births: 1788-1908; Marriages: 1788-1958; Deaths: 1788-1978)

N.S.W., Australia, Indexes Online (Census, Convicts, Immigration, Naturalization, etc.)

National Archives of Australia (viewable records since 1901--especially military service records)

National Archives of Ireland (census records of 1821 to 1911)

New York Passengar Lists, 1820-1957 (via

New Zealand, Birth, Marriage and Death Records (and ordering such certificates)

Newspapers online (via Google)

Old Occupational Names and Titles (via Hall Genealogy website)

Online Parish Clerks for Lancashire (contributed parish records for Lancashire, England)

PeopleSmart (a good source to use to find people in the United States)

Photos of Utah Pioneers (online index of Utah pioneer photos via Daughters of Utah Pioneers)

Publication of The Harleian Society (online publications showing British heraldry and pedigrees)

Puzzilla Descendant Viewer (works with FamilySearch Tree)

Relative Finder (discover your relationship to others via FamilySearch database)

Roots Ireland (large Irish family records database)

Scotlands People Search (official government source of genealogical data for Scotland)

Staffordshire Parish Register Society (contains lists of available parish registers)

Staffordshire, BMD (listing of births, marriages and deaths in Staffordshire, England, 1837-1950+)

Streetmaps of the United Kingdom (a good source to find locations in Great Britain)

The Long, Long Trail (the British Army in the Great War - World War 1)

The National Archives of England and Wales (contains 1000 years of UK government records)

Topographic Dictionary of England (via British History Online)

UK Deceased Online (a database of UK burials and cremations)

United Kingdom Postal Codes and Maps (a good source to find U.K. postal codes and related maps)

United Kingdom Telephone Books (a good source that lists links to different phone directories)

Utah Death Records (covers the years 1905-1960 and includes digital images of death certificates)

Utah Digital Newspapers (online historic Utah newspapers)

Western States (USA) Marriage Record Index (BYU-Idaho Index)

Whitepages People Search (a good source to use to find people in the United States)

Will Indexes of Lichfield & Coventry, 1650-1730 (Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire)

Wills of the Perrogative Court of Canterbury (1384-1858, on-line index of Wills held by this Court)

XMission Email Service (a service used by the BFO)

Youth & Family History (explains how and why young people should get involved in family history work)

ZabaSearch (a good source to use to find people in the United States)