Brughs and Broughs of Germany

There are a number of well-known Brugh and Brough families who originated in Germany and whose descendants emigrated to Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia or New Zealand. Here are three of these families:

Descendants of Petri Brugh (b.abt.1710) of Germany

In 2001, Larry B. Brough (8785 SW 137th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33183) submitted the following genealogical and historical information about Petri Burgh of Germany and his descendants to the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah (found on 3rd Floor of the FHL under: Large Pedigrees Charts # 2639, Parts 7-12), which showed and stated the following:

"The political and religious turmoil in seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe was responsible for many migrations to the New World and the English colony of Pennsylvania in particular. Queen Anne and William Penn advertised the free land and opportunities of the colony. The much sought after peace and tranquility soon turned into a New World turmoil when the colonists revolted against King George III.

"Petri and Anna Marie Bruch are the oldest known progenitors of all the Brugh and Brough's on this [large pedigree] chart. Petri and Anna Marie show up in the baptismal records, as parents, of eighteenth century Prussia. Calculations would put their birthdate around 1710 [in present-day Germany]. We know that they had at least six children. Four were baptized in the Katholisch Church in Duempelfeld, Rhiineland, Preussen (Prussia): Joes (probably an abbreviation for Johannes); Petrus; Wilhemus and Michael. Two more children were baptized at Sant Nikolas Katholisch in Daun, the Rhineland, Pruessen: Christianus and Nicolaus. For those on the chart shown in the eighth generation as I am, Petri and Anna Marie are our great, great, great, great grandparents. Their sons Joes (or Johannes) and Michael are believed to have emigrated to the English colonies, namely Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

"Michael, son of Petri and Anna Marie Bruch, is believed to have emigrated to English America with his older brother Johannes. At that time, 1751, Michael was only 9 or 10 years old. For several year, Queen Anne of England and Sir William Penn offered opportunities in the New World to those who were suffering political and religious persecution in Prussia. Allegiance to England was the primary qualification in gaining passage and free land in the Pennsylvania colony.

"Johannes and Michael were likely passengers on the ship Patience which departed Rotterdam, the Netherlands; stopped at Cowes, England, for supplies before proceeding to Philadelphia and arriving on September 6, 1751. The passenger list does not show Bruch or Brugh but Johannes and Michael Bloch. Discrepancies in spelling were very common on the manifests of the many ships following these routes.

"Michael [Brugh (Bruch)], born circa 1742, met and married Maria Elizabeth Mumbauer in Pennsylvania. Reportedly they had 13 children but we only found 6 with a possible 2 more. Michael was a farmer and fought in the War of the Revolution (1783 Militia). He and his wife are most likely buried in the Northampton County area of Pennsylvania. These are our great-great-great-great grandparents. One of their children was Michel who was next in the direct line [of] today's Brough-Brugh family.

"Michael Brugh (Bruch) [born circua 1742], was born a Prussian citizen and had to give that citizenship up by swearing allegiance to the English Crown. Speculation indicates that not all of the Brugh family and in-laws shared the independent views of the American patriots. Two of Michael's daughters, Barbara and Mary Brugh (Bruch) married two brothers named Marr who shortly moved to Canada. Whether for opportunity or politics, something lured them to a country loyal to the Crown."

Petri Brugh is listed in FamilySearch under PID#: KHDR-P1R.

Descendants of Hans Henry Brugh (b.abt.1660) of Germany

In 2001, Larry B. Brough (8785 SW 137th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33183) submitted the following historical information about the descendants of Hans Henry Brugh of Germany to the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah (found on 3rd Floor of the FHL under: Large Pedigrees Charts # 2639, Parts 7-12), which stated the following:

[Hans Henry Brugh (or Brough) was born in about 1660 in Germany. He had a son, Johann Herman Brugh, who was born in about 1684, and a grandson, Hermanus Brugh, who was born on 9 April 1720 in Siegen, Westfalen, Germany.]

"In genealogical circles, the Hermanus Brugh (or Bruch) line is one of the best documented. There are no connections, thus far, to our family [of Petri Brugh mentioned above--who was born about 1710] but there are enough coincidences to make it worthwhile to further research.

"Hermanus was born April 9, 1720 in the Rhineland, Pruessen [Prussia] within the same generation and area as Petri [and] they could very well have been cousins. Hermanus's [birthdate and] birthplace is disputed by different researchers, either Bruchsal or Siegen Westfalen [Germany, although his gravesite memorial stone in Botetourt Co., Virginia, lists his birth as 9 April 1722 in Siegen Westfalen, Germany.] He emigrated to America in September, 1743, aboard the ship: Lydia. He settled in southern Pennsylvania and later moved to Northern Virginia. Members of this family, including a slave holder, fought on both sides in the [American] Civil War. Hermanus's occupation included a position as Supervisor of Roads. It so happens, coincidentally, that several members of the Petri line were also involved with the building of roads. Hermanus died in 1794 in Virginia.

"It is noteworthy that Spangler Arlington Brugh of Nebraska [who was born on 5 August 1911 in Filley, Gage, Nebraska; died on 8 June 1969 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., California; and buried in June 1969 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Glendale, Los Angeles Co., California] is a direct descendent of Hermanus, and is better known as Robert Taylor, a major movie star of the 1950's and 1960's."

Hans Henry Brugh (Brough) is listed in FamilySearch under PID#: KLG7-3KL; and Spangler Arlington Brugh is listed in FamilySearch under PID#: LC3J-6BV.

In addition, on 2 March 2012, Moriah Leahann Brough, and her husband, Joseph Lee Babcock, and their three small children, were killed by a tornado in New Pekin, Washington Co., Indiana. News reports about their tragic deaths were published worldwide, and online memorials to them were posted on FindAGrave. Moriah Brough is the "7th great grand-daughter" of Hermanus Brugh (1720-1794) of Germany.

Descendants of John Brough (b.abt.1850) of Germany

In March 2012, the Brough Family Organization (BFO) conducted research on the descendants of John Brough, who was born in 1850 in Wurttemburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, and who emigrated to the United States about that same year. John's oldest son, also named John Brough, was born in Pennsylvania in about 1867, and was buried in 1931 at Lawnview Cemetery in Rockledge, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. His gravestone is listed on FindAGrave and is viewable here. Also, John Brough is listed in FamilySearch under PID#: LZK5-2MN.

Historical Connections between the People of Germany and Great Britain

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