The English and Australian Descendants

of Richard Brough and Rosannah Myatt

by R. Clayton Brough and Roy Victor Brough, August 2009

Richard Brough & Rosannah Myatt (Married: 1846)

Richard Brough and Mary Horleston were married on 7 August 1825 in Stoke-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Following their marriage their first child, Richard Brough Jr., was christened on 23 September 1827 in Longton, Lane End, St. John, Staffordshire.

Richard Brough Jr. married Rosannah Myatt on 2 August 1846 in Fulford Chapel, Stone, Staffordshire, and during his life he worked as a coal miner, potter and brick-burner in Staffordshire. Richard and Rosannah raised five children--including Richard Myatt (Brough).

Richard Myatt (Brough) was born on 3 May 1846--three months prior to the marriage of his mother, Rosannah Myatt, to Richard Brough. Although Richard Myatt (Brough)'s biological father was not listed on his birth certificate, Richard Myatt (Brough) often identified his parents as Richard Brough and Rosannah Myatt, and he honored them as such by continually being affiliated with them and occasionally using the Brough surname. Today the Brough Family Organization lists Richard Myatt (Brough) as an "adopted" son of Richard Brough (chr.1827).

Interestingly, Rosannah Myatt's grandparents were Thomas Myatt (chr.1764) and Margaret Brough (chr.1772), and Margaret Brough was a "7th cousin" to Richard Brough, b.1786--whom the RBFO is named after. (The common male ancestor of Richard Brough and Margaret Brough is John Burgh of Middle Hulme, Leek, Staffordshire, who lived 1508-1557.) Therefore, the descendants of Richard Myatt (Brough) (b.1846) are Broughs by "blood" through their female Myatt ancestry.

Richard Myatt (Brough) & Elizabeth Bradburne (Wilshaw) (Married: 1866)

Richard Myatt (Brough) was born on 3 May 1846--three months prior to the marriage of his mother, Rosannah Myatt, to Richard Brough, and he was christened in Longton on 12 May 1846 as "Richard Myatt". Richard Myatt (Brough) appears to have used the Myatt surname throughout much of his early life--including identifying himself as "Richard Myatt" on his marriage certificate to Elizabeth Bradburne in 1866. However, both the 1851 and 1861 Census identifies Richard Myatt as the "son" of Richard Brough and Rosannah; and by the time Richard Myatt was 35 years old he was identifying himself as "Richard Brough"--which is how he is listed in the 1881 Census. During his life, Richard Myatt (Brough) worked as a "Brickmaker" (in the 1861 Census) and a "Coal Miner" (in the 1881 Census).

Richard Myatt (Brough) and Elizabeth Bradburne had two sons, with the first son named Thomas Myatt (Brough), born on 12 April 1866 in Mount Pleasant, Longton, Staffordshire, England. Elizabeth Bradburne (Wilshaw) Brough died when she was only 25 years old on 27 November 1871, leaving her husband, Richard Myatt (Brough), a 25 year old widower.

Thomas Myatt (Brough) & Ellen France (Married: 1888; Thomas left England for Australia in 1885)

Thomas Myatt (Brough) was born on 12 April 1866 as "Thomas Myatt" (according to his birth certificate). However, he is listed in the 1881 Census as "Thomas Brough," a 16 year old "Labourer General," who was living with his father "Richard Brough," a 35 year old "Widower" and "Coal Miner." Thomas Myatt (Brough) was only five years old when his mother, Elizabeth Bradburne (Wilshaw) Brough died in 1871. From 1871 until at least 1881, Thomas lived with his widowed father, Richard Myatt (Brough). In 1885, Thomas Myatt (Brough) left England and sailed to Australia, where he identified himself as "Thomas Brough". Thomas married Ellen France on 5 May 1888 in a "private residence" and "according to the rites" of the "Baptist Church" in Lambton, New South Wales, Australia. At the time of their marriage, Thomas was a described as a "Miner" and Ellen as a "Domestic Servant." Ellen France was born in 1869 in Lancashire, England and went to Australia in 1877 when she was eight years old. Thomas Myatt (Brough) and Ellen France eventually had ten children. Their eighth child was named Roy Victor Myatt Brough, who was born on 6 February 1899.

In March 2003, Roy Victor Brough stated the following about Thomas Myatt (Brough) and Ellen France: "It appears my great grandfather, Thomas Myatt Brough, emigrated to Australia from his birthplace of Longton, Staffordshire. From my understanding, Thomas settled and remained in the Newcastle area which is 100 miles north of Sydney in the state of New South Wales. He married Ellen France who was also from Staffordshire. ...My great grandfather was a businessman. At one point in time he operated a dairy, and in later life had a garage for motor vehicle repair and a shop. I never met the man, but I do remember my great grandmother [Ellen France]. She was by all accounts a feisty lady and lived to a great age. Both are buried in the Newcastle area."

Roy Victor Myatt Brough & Margarie Isobel Alice Black (Married: 1922)

Roy Victor Myatt Brough was born on 6 February 1899 at Catherine Hill Bay in New South Wales, Australia "as Roy Victor Myatt Brough" (according to Australian Vital Records). Roy married Margarie Isobel Alice Black in 1922 in St. Clements Church, Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia. Roy and Margarie were the parents of five children, with the first child named Roy Edward McCallum Brough.

In April 2003, Roy Victor Brough stated the following about his grandparents, Roy Victor Myatt Brough and Margarie Isobel Alice Black:

"Roy Victor Myatt Brough...spent his boyhood within the Newcastle (New South Wales) area, his address given as Lambton Road, New Lambton. [Roy] joined the Australian Army aged 18 years. Date of enlistment 30/9/17. Embarked for France on 19/12/17. Posted to the Western Front at Amiens [during World War I]. Wounded mid-1918 and repatriated home. Roy was hit by shrapnel in the arm and this injury caused him great discomfort for the remainder of his life. It was while he was in the hospital in Sydney that he met his future wife who was a nurse. On returning to Newcastle, Roy studied to be an Engineer and subsequently worked in the coal mines around the Greta area. Roy retired ill in 1936 due to his war injury and moved to Sydney, settling at Wentworthville where he remained for thirty years. This was very much the family home. Roy was not interested in material wealth and lived a simple life. His interests were his garden and family. As a child I will always remember family times around the dining room table and the wonderful sweets my Grandfather used to make. In his later life, Roy worked on the production line at the Ford Motor Company.

"Marjorie Black [was] a lady of leisure, as were the times. Marjorie was educated at a private girls school in Marrickville, a suburb of Sydney. Her family were privileged and she led a gentle life. During the 1914/1918 War [World War I], Marjorie joined the Australian Army and trained as a nurse. It was during this time she met my grandfather. They were married in Marrickville and moved to Greta which is fifty miles northwest of Newcastle. Marjorie's life was her family, although she retained a friendship with a school friend Edna for all of her life and they met regularly for a "game of poker," which was great entertainment for any grandchild present. One skill learned by Marjorie was painting, which there were a number on the walls of their home. My sister Christine has two that survived in her home today."

Roy Edward McCallum Brough & Norma Mary Hall (Married: 1946)

Roy Edward McCallum Brough was born on 19 February 1924 in Greta, New South Wales, Australia. He married Norma Mary Hall in 1946 in Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia. Roy and Norma were the parents of two children. During the late 1980's and early 1990's, Roy corresponded with members of the Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO) in the United States, and provided the RBFO with extensive genealogical and historical information on his Australian ancestry.

In March 2003, Roy Victor Brough stated the following about his father, Roy Edward McCallum Brough: "I had the pleasure of delivering the eulogy at the funeral of my father [Roy Edward McCallum Brough who died in 1994]. I remember my opening remarks: 'My father was the most generous person I have ever known. If you asked him to take you to Alice Springs he would only ask when--never why or how. My father gave you everything. This was the caliber of the man.' He [Roy Edward McCallum Brough] was born in Greta which is 50 miles north west of Newcastle, moving to Sydney with his family at 11 years. At the outbreak of WW2, Roy enlisted in 1942 (at 18 years old) and served initially in New Guinea and then after further training in Canada was posted to England. Roy served with distinction and was posted to a Lancaster Bomber Squadron as a wireless operator/tail gunner. These were the squadrons that operated over occupied Europe. On his return to Sydney in 1945, he married my mother, Norma. Other than a brief period of living in Melbourne, Victoria, their home was in Sydney. Roy was an engineer and a very bright student. If he sat an exam he always aimed at 1st place and generally attained that award. Family was very important to Roy and as such we had many family occasions. He was always popular with friends, and in a very nice way, particularly with the ladies. In other words, the man was a true gentleman. I know he [Roy Edward McCallum Brough] was aware of your family [or RBFO members living in the United States] even before [RBFO officials made] contact [with him] in 1988. There is something in my memory where I can hear him making such a reference. Therefore the [Brough] history had been passed down through the generations."

In April 2003, Roy Victor Brough stated the following about his mother, Norma Mary Hall: "Norma Mary Hall [was] the third daughter in a family of five children. Norma's parents were William Hall and Mary Wims. William Hall came from Market Drayton which is quite close to Longton where Thomas Myatt Brough lived. Mary's parents were from Ireland. Norma was educated at St. Vincents School in Ashfield (Sydney) where she lived until she married my father. Trained as a secretary, Norma worked for deHavilland Aircraft Company, and in later life worked in the private dining room for one of the largest firm of solicitors in Sydney. This dining room for the Partners provides her with many a humorous story as to the antics of the aristocracy. Norma met my father in 1942 on Anzac Day and was married in 1946 when my father returned from the war in England. Now retired to Castle Hill in Sydney her continuing passion remains her garden."

Roy Victor Brough & Joanne Vaughan Ralfe (Married 1970)

Roy Victor Brough was born in 1946 in Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia. He married Joanne Vaughan Ralfe in 1970 in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. Roy and Joanne are the parents of two children, both of whom were twins born in 1974: Andrew Roy Brough and Nicole Julia Brough.

Roy Victor Brough has worked as an accountant for major international firms--such as BHP and Burmah Castrol. During the past fifteen years, Roy has operated his own business which wholesales laminating film products. At times, Joanne has been involved in politics, and once served a term as Deputy Mayor of Concord. Roy and Joanne lived in Sydney most of their lives, but now reside in Nords Wharf (Newcastle area), New South Wales.

Reference Information on the above Genealogy and History

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, Roy Edward McCallum Brough of Australia corresponded with members and associates of the Richard Brough Family Organization in the United States, and provided Warren D. Brough, an RBFO Genealogist living in Pleasantview, Utah, and Anne M. Bussanich, a professional genealogist living in Western Australia, with extensive genealogical and historical information on his Australian ancestry. Roy Edward McCallum Brough died in 1994. However, Warren D. Brough continued to conduct genealogical research on the English and early Australian descendants of Richard Brough and Rosannah Myatt until his death in 1999. After Warren's death, R. Clayton Brough, an RBFO Genealogist living in West Valley City, Utah, along with Marie B. Nielson, an RBFO Genealogist living in Syracuse, Utah, Doug W. Howard, an RBFO Member living in New South Wales, Australia, and Mark E. Gardner, a professional genealogist living Salt Lake City, Utah, finished Warren's work and conducted additional research on the Brough and Myatt lineage. In early 2003, Roy Victor Brough, son of Roy Edward McCallum Brough, contacted the RBFO and provided the family organization with additional genealogical and historical information on his Australian Brough ancestry.

Genealogies of the Broughs of Australia are listed within the "Genealogies" section of the BFO website.