LATTER DAY SAINT Ancestral Families Association


     Latter Day Saint Ancestral Families Association (LDSAFA) is a free registration, publication and support consortium for Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs) that have historical connections to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  An Ancestral Family Organization (AFO) is larger than a parent or grandparent family and includes the descendants of a common ancestral couple. LDSAFA encourages the continuation of LDS AFOs through freely registering, publicizing and supporting their genealogical and historical activities.  In fact LDSAFA can be considered a free "one-stop-shop" for locating links and information about LDS AFOs.

      There are no costs for LDS AFOs to register and participate in LDSAFA, and all LDSAFA member organizations are entitled to use the LDSAFA Member Seal and receive free listing, publicity and news reports on matters pertaining to LDS AFOs.   LDSAFA identifies resources, practices and activities that various LDS AFOs have found meaningful and successful for family members through the years, including information and links on AFO communications, websites, documents and photos, genealogies, histories,  videos, technologies, organizational structures, governmental incorporations, pioneer memorials, publicity methods, publishing endeavors, DNA research, research activities, fundraising projects, family reunions, and youth involvement.  

     As in the past, LDSAFA will participate in and have a booth at RootsTech 2025, that will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 6-8, 2025. 

     Also, LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs) are listed here and in Wikipedia and FamilySearch Wiki.    

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