What Do You Hear, Chiquilla?

"What Do You Hear, Chiquilla?" was a collaboration between composer, Lauren Bernofsky and librettist, Alejandra Martinez. The artwork was created by Julia Fensel.

"It explores various ways of using the voice: talking, whispering, calling, and of course, singing. The song also teaches some Spanish words, celebrating the cultural diversity in the United States."

-Lauren Bernofsky

Lauren Bernofsky

Composer and violinist

Alejandra Martinez

Singer and librettist

IU Children's Choir

Children's Choir for children ages 5-15

Interactive Ideas

Using elements of nature to teach form and voices (ages 1-8):

Listening to nature:

  • Tell children that a little girl, called chiquilla by her grandmother, is being asked to share what she hears.
  • Share images one at a time. As children identify picture (bird, cloud, sun, or star), share the spanish word for those items, using singular and plural.
  • First listens to song: have children point to pictures as they appear in song.
  • Next listens: Reflect on Chiquilla's experiences and sing, whisper, speak or call phrases as they are called in the song. Feel free to incorporate complimentary movement. Use specific voices and lyrics while listening to music.
  • Next listens: Before listening to the song, have children echo you, one phrase at a time. Then, have students echo you two phrases at a time. Have students sing with recording or piano part.

Pajaritos cantan

The birds sing

Las Nubes susuran

The clouds whisper

El sol habla

The sun speaks

Las estrellas llaman

The stars call