Haran Kim

BloomingSongs artistic director and designer.

Haran Kim is a candidate for a Masters Degree of Entertainment Technology at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. in May 2020 Currently I am working on a machine-learning project with my team at the ETC_ Silicon Valley Campus, Redwood City, CA. I received two MFA degrees from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, one in Printmaking and another in Digital Art.

My educational training has provided me with a broad knowledge of Fine Art, including Digital Art, Video Art, Animation filmmaking, Game design, Time- based Media, Book Art, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting and various other media. As a digital artist, I have a great passion for the technical and creative aspects of the entertainment industry. I am especially enthusiastic about animation, technical art, and game design. My research involves creating computer-generated moving images, video mapping processes, game design, and creating works for immersive environments. Haran's BloomingSongs' portfolio

Ya Sadiqi

As I Was Going to St. Ives

Three Blind Mice

Quem Diria Dirie'!

Hi, Said All the Birds

The Heron and the Dove


The Lark

Andrew Polk


Swedish Songs

Artwork for Malin Sunstein's Swedish songs

Andrew Polk is an artist who lives and works near Solsberry, Indiana, USA. His prints, paintings, drawings, and video works have been exhibited throughout the United States, and in such other countries as England, Wales, Ireland, India, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, and China. Polk is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Arizona, where he served on the faculty for 32 years until retiring in 2016 as Professor of Art. Together with his wife, Kathryn, he is co-owner of L-vis Press.

Sanan Samedov



Artwork for Gul Achdi

Sanan Samedov Was born on 29th of April, 1961 in Quba district of Azerbaijan. Education: years 1978-1980 - Art gymnasium; years 1982-1987 - Art & Graphic faculty. A member of youth section of Art Union of USSR since 1987. Attendant of republic and international expositions since 1985. A member of Art Union of Azerbaijan.

Raphael Cornford

Printmaker and media artist

Reinvention Parade

Reinvention Parade

Raphael Cornford lives and works in Bloomington, Indiana while fondly calling Oakland, CA home. Raphael works across print, installation, bookmaking, and digital media to create immersive, engaging, and challenging experiences. He is, in addition to showing regularly across the country, currently writing and drawing a comic, curating work at the recently opened NOISE Gallery / Residency, writing essays and short stories, and learning more about the wonders of cast iron cooking. He received a BA from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2011 and his MFA in Printmaking in 2016 at Indiana University, Bloomington. Raphael is an educator, artist, activist, occasional musician, and would prefer to have gone for a run today, all things considered. Raphael prefers being addressed as Raph, and very much considers himself a collaborative artist: contact him if you'd like.

Amanda Duba


Que Siri

Image used for "I Sing, U Swing"

Mark Blaney


Leaves of Crows

Leaves of Crows

Mark Blaney is a local painter and sculptor.

"Painting and sculpting help with seeing closely into the world around me. I simply get pleasure from the many forms lit by the sun. The movement and interactions among people, plants, animals and weather are reason enough to make symbols. Working in two and three dimensional media helps me hold onto thoughts for awhile and to share them. The variations and descriptive qualities of line and color hold my interest and every new painting is a chance at working and playing in form and color. The trading of time between sculpture and painting strengthens both efforts."

-Mark Blaney

Young Artists

"Tip of the Iceberg" by Linden and Rowan T.

My Name is Jazz, by Myra P.

What Do You Hear, Chiquilla? by Julia F.

It Don't Matter How You Dance, by Sophia S.

Lightly Row, by Louise