AAFCS Public Policy 


How can we effectively advocate for Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) at the local and state levels? We can effectively advocate for FCS when we can answer this question: “Why are we essential in public education and in society, as a whole?”


Advocacy efforts are vitally important to sustaining secondary and postsecondary FCS programs, increasing the visibility and sustainability of FCS in Texas, and influencing legislation that affects the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. TX-AAFCS is committed to providing members with useful tools, resources, and leadership that will help them successfully advocate for FCS programs and related policies.


The TX-AAFCS Public Policy Committee will work together to create resources, alert members about policy issues, and provide direction for FCS public policy efforts.


There are also several ways FCS professionals can effectively advocate at the local and state levels:



If you need help with any of the ideas listed above, please contact us at txaafcs@gmail.com. Also, you may request a letter of support from us by contacting txaafcs@gmail.com