Painting Landscapes Fine Art Tutorial - Conclusion

I return to my painting after the foreground has tacked off to finish my painting, the usual 2-3 days depending on the room temperature. I spend a few hours applying a touch more highlight to the mountains and to the tussock.

I sign my work in my usual way. Once signed off I will try not to do any more work on the canvas, even if I am tempted. There are too many other Landscapes to paint.

The painting will cure over the next 12 months. Oxygen will mix with the oils and resins in the paint and seal in the colour. The painting can be varnished in about 4-6 months.

I will enjoy this painting for a while before someone wants to buy it. You must take a lot of pride in your work. To be a professional artist you must become the best marketer for your work and inspire others to buy and represent your talents.

Thank you so much for showing an interest in my work. I hope my painting tutorial has inspired you to enjoy your painting more and given you a lot of fantastic ideas. You may also be interested in my workshops and The Kiwi Painting Experience in Taupo New Zealand.

The finished painting from the Central Plateau of New Zealand. SOLD