Oil Painting for Beginners - Pigments


There are many kinds of pigments and the choice of colours remains with the individual. If you choose to pick your own then these notes will come in handy.

* Ochres: These are earth colours and are a must for landscapes

* Siennas: Are earth pigments too

* Chrome pigments: These are dominant and bright. They are more expensive

* Cadmium pigments: Are very dominant

* Prussian colours: Such as Prussian blue or Hookers green are very dominant

* Cobalt pigments: Are medium in their intensity. Cobalt blue is a versatile colour for sky and water.

* Whites: We have the choice of Flake White, Zink White or Titanium White. Titanium White has a better coverage. Colour mixing is better explained in the tutorial called 'Painting Landscapes'.