Types of Oil Paint

Oil Painting for Beginners- Oil Paints

The Types of Oil Paints on the market

Depending on your budget there are many types of oil paints and premixed colours on the market. The choice of brand remains with you.

There are three levels of quality on the pigment market...

Chinese paints: These are normally in a packaged selection of colours. They are cheap and beginners are advised to use these paints until you are ready to invest more into your paintings. Disadvantages are the overall durability of the paint can be questionable as they seem a little chalky. They do the job at an affordable price.

Student Quality: The major brands in oil paints have their cheaper pigments for the student market. Examples are Rowney Georgian (UK) and Windsor Newton Winton (US) They come in many pre mixed colours. Another option is the Atelier and Archival oils from Australia. There are water mixable pigments available too.

Artists Quality: These are labelled 'Artists'. Examples are Rowney Artists or Windsor Newton Artists. They are what the serious or professional artists use. They are more expensive. An experienced artist will notice the difference when moving to artist's quality as they are much smoother to use and easier to apply.

Ochres and brown oil paint on a glass tray