Thanks for visiting :-) I live in the beautiful lakeside town of Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand and I am a New Zealand en Plein Air painting artist meaning I now paint mostly in the outdoors with a portable easel. Mostly I get around by an adventure motorcycle so I can get to the out and beyond. I love the exposure to the light and the ever changing landscape that will never be repeated.

Out and about on Kermit the Kawa

Out and about on Kermit the Kawasaki

Painting Mt Titiraupenga from Ranginui Road.

Andrew from Colliers Rural and Lifestyle

SPECIAL OFFER. Do you have a rural or lifestyle property in the Central Plateau of New Zealand with lovely views? I would love to meet you and paint from your property. For you I would do a free 12 x 9 framed painting for my gratitude and possibly one for myself to sell later. I could even bring another kit and you could join me painting if you want an experience?

This is sponsored by Andrew from Colliers Rural and Lifestyle in Taupo. The only condition is you would join my bi-monthly newsletter and consider me for property sales support in the future. Please contact me

Most of the paintings from my previous eras have sold. The available paintings are mostly newer open air (en Plein Air) paintings from recent years and done in Acrylic but there are still some large oil paintings in my available collections too. Enjoy.

The 1990's were my first decade of painting. It was a style of large heavy oil (impasto) pantings often framed in large Rimu frames which I made in my studio. See a collection of these 1990's paintings here. Enjoy.

The Millennium paintings are from the year 2000 till 2013 and feature mostly large Oil Paintings done in the studio. I was fond of using box canvases in these paintings and adding a Rimu box plate to the back of the canvas to create another dimension. See the Millennium paintings. Enjoy.

I lived in Britain for two years painting in Oils at this time in a make shift studio in Maidstone. See the Britain paintings. Enjoy.

My video logs (Vlogs) show me painting in various scenic locations. See the videos. Enjoy.

There are a lot of Tutorial Videos on my website and I hope you learn lots from them. You can see a few Tutorials here or link to my YouTube Channel. Enjoy.