Oil Painting for Beginners

Oil Painting for Beginners- Introduction

Welcome to my free 'Oil Painting for Beginners' Tutorial

The information contained in this online tutorial is free to all and you may send this on to anyone. In this tutorial I will briefly cover some of the things you will need to begin oil painting and some of the basic principles of painting in oils.

I trust you will find lots of useful information from these notes that will inspire you to pick up the brush and begin oil painting. The tutorial 'Painting Landscapes' follows on from these notes and will further teach and inspire you on painting landscapes with layers and natural colour.

Hiya! I am Andrew Whyte and welcome to my free 'Oil Painting for Beginners' Tutorial. I was very fortunate to be born in New Zealand during the 60's and began painting from an early age. Since 1993 I have been producing landscape paintings of New Zealand for sale with a modest level of success. By success I mean I have made a few welcome dollars along the way, which has enabled me to follow my passion and develop my painting style. A style I would like to share with you! Above all; success is enjoying my painting and sharing my talents.

Some people think that painting in oils is a messy business with smelly fumes and hard to clean up. Well YES! that can be right but how often do you say that about a nice roast dinner? Oil paints are not as convenient as acrylics but the flexibility and texture is well worth it. If you are like me and take ages producing a painting then you will love the way oil paint stays wet for a long time and you can save the paint in the freezer for future use, so wastage is minimal.

Oil paint is proven to stand the test of time and an oil painting carries a prestige value.

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