What you need to start oil painting

Oil Painting for Beginners

What you need to start painting in oils

The idea is to keep it affordable and easy. Keeping all your products together will motivate you to paint.

* Canvas board or prepared canvas

* Palette (something to prepare and mix paints on)

* Oil paints

* Clean cloth for clean up

* Turpentine (in a glass jar)

* An Empty glass jar

* Brushes: Sable brush, large brush, a medium sized soft brush, and a fan brush

* Palette knife

* Fat Mix (more linseed oil than turpentine) in a glass Jar

* Lean Mix (More Turpentine then Linseed oil) In a glass Jar

* Linseed Oil (if you wish to prepare mixes )

* Clean up liquid: Concentrated dish wash liquid or hand cleaner is best

* Subject material or idea for a painting

* Charcoal pencil for sketching on canvas

* A strong box or storage container

* An easel to stand your work up unless you wish to work on a flat surface.

* A sealed container to store excess paint. (Place in the freezer at home and your paint will last)

Continue on this tutorial and I will aid you in selecting ideal products and briefly introduce you to the concepts. More instructions can be found in the 'Painting Landscapes' tutorial.

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