We Speak English

Classe IC - Liceo Scientifico, A.S. 2019/20 (prof. Pistillo)

This year our class has worked on an intercultural project called "Christmas around the World", to explore different traditions related to the world's favourite holiday.

We prepared some questions, which were answered by speakers in several countries. We then watched their videos and produced our little research project.

After the demonstration on 27th September, we responded to a questionnaire on our perception of the event. Here we analyse and Fridays for Future describe the resulting charts.

Classi II C e IV C Liceo Scientifico (Prof. Pistillo)

This is the product of a project focussing on English as the global language: we explored the historical, economic and political reasons that led to the establishment of English as a lingua franca in our world.

To complement our language work, we produced a world map highlighting English-speaking countries and the main data about these countries: this poster is now hung in the school hall.

Grease: the musical

On 26th November some students of our school went to Salerno to see a wonderful theatrical representation of the musical "Grease" in English.

The actors were very good at acting and singing simultaneously! After the end of the musical, we walked on the main street of Salerno and when it got dark, we looked at fantastic Christmas lights at the top and on the sides of the road.

Surely it was a pleasant experience for everyone!

Antonio Russo, IV D Liceo Scientifico

Special thanks to prof. Mariarosa Pisaniello for organising this event!