The English-speaking World

The English-speaking world

This is the product of a project focussing on English as the global language: we explored the historical, economic and political reasons that led to the establishment of English as a lingua franca in our world.

To complement our language work, we produced a world map highlighting English-speaking countries and the main data about these countries: this poster is now hung in the school hall.

English is an international language which is studied all over the world and is used as a “lingua franca” in a lot of sectors such as medicine, economy, politics, trade, science, research, travel and sports.

Why is English the most popular language today? There are two main reasons: the first is historical and the second is economic and cultural.

Historically, the countries where English is the official language were colonies of the British Empire such as India: here English isn’t spoken by the population, that speak different dialects, but is the institutional language.

The second reason for the popularity of English today is that it’s the language of the USA, the most important economic power for: the army, the prestigious universities, the technological innovations and the music and cinema productions that have in Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, their central locations.

Another cause of the importance of English is that in all the five continents there is at least one country where it is spoken. In Europe Malta; in Africa Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa; in Asia Hong Kong, the Bahamas; in America the USA, Canada, Jamaica, the Caribbean; in Oceania Australia and New Zeland.

Today to be a polyglot is important, but to know English is essential because it is and will be the language of the future.

“If you learn a new language, you will have a new soul”

Classe IC Liceo Scientifico, A.S. 2018/19 (prof. Pistillo)