Symposium 5118

Thank you to all who participated, both as speakers and guests! It was exhausting and busy, but we loved it!

This was a four-day event, Koaratos/July 12-15 (Thurs-Sun) 5118/2018.

Thursday, July 12

9 p.m. - Opening/commencement speech by Lylia or Japhrimel

10 p.m. - Round robin storytelling, led by Nazarr

Friday, July 13

8 p.m. - Presentation by Yhtrin on the relationship between the Faendryl and the Arkati

9:30 p.m. - Presentation by Lylia on Igaesha fortunetelling

11 p.m. - Storytelling / retelling, led by Nazarr. Theme should fit Faendryl history/culture, but any topic within should be suitable!

Saturday, July 14

12:30 p.m. - Presentation by Taelarn on funerary customs

Early afternoon - visit by Lord Ainfore, a merchant

9 p.m. - Presentation by Xorus on the Ashrim War

10 p.m. - return visit by Lord Ainfore, a merchant

11 p.m. - Dance/masque

Sunday, July 15

3 p.m. - Presentation by Lylia on fashion

4 p.m. - Presentation by Ysharra on environmental/botanical culture of the Faendryl

9 p.m. - Presentation by Berkana on Faendryl cuisine, replaced by a picnic and discussion on food.

12 a.m. [midnight Sun-Mon] - Closing speech by Lylia