Graphing Calculator

Within each lesson there is a time for pencil and paper and there is a time for calculator use. Math teachers must understand the balance between the two to create an environment enhanced by the available technology of the graphing calculator. Attached below are a list of links for tutorials for the basic use of a graphing calculator, technical support, and various activities and applications connected to the math curriculum to help guide teachers for the implementation of the graphing calculator as a daily tool.


Guide Book for the Graphing Calculator

"How to" booklet

Introduction to the Calculator with student practice

Calculator Quick Start guide with Scavenger Hunt and Various Activities

Tutorial Worksheets and practice for Students

Graphing Calculator Quick Function Guide Cheat Sheet

Useful functions in a graphing calculator video tutorial

Teacher created how to Instructional Video for beginning students

Operating Systems

How to Download apps

How to update Calculator Software

Applications and Activities

Building Concepts/Ideas from Texas Instruments

Activities for current learning strands

Stem Activities

Engaging Activities created by teachers

Ideas for the graphing calculator

Graphing Graphs

Different collection of activities

Learning Mathematics with the use of a graphing calculator

Calculator Worksheets of activities