Individual Participation

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Individual Participation

GreenStep Team Member: A Green School Team Member is an individual who is participating in planning or implementing any of the best practice actions at a particular school or school district, or would like to. As described above, they can work on these actions either in independent mode or as part of an institution. A Green School Team Member will have an account in the program connected to their email, and will indicate the nature of their role and interest area. For example, they might be a food service planner, or a teacher or a student. And they might be linked to one or more actions that the school is working on. This could also be a consultant or a community volunteer that is part of the team working on a particular action step. The Green School Team member is listed on line, and has an account that is connected to the portfolio of actions on which they work or have completed.

GreenStep Student: This youth role includes an online profile and a portfolio of actions worked on individually or with a team. This is a way for students to develop leadership and be recognized for their participation in school greening as well as build a portfolio of activities related to their green school extra-curricular work. As described above, they can work on these actions either in independent mode or as part of an institution. This role can work in conjunction with participation in a school green team, while also allowing student to student green school networking across the state. Editorial control and privacy measures for student accounts are managed according to policies at the school or district level.

GreenStep Friend: This role is for those who would like to show support and keep informed with less involvement in the direct planning and implementation of action steps. These individuals receive updates about the program and school or schools they are interested in according to a list of communication preferences. They are not listed online. This is similar to a customizable mailing list.

What Types of Individuals Can Participate?

While school districts and individual schools are the focus of the program, many others can participate. We all have a stake in the education and health and well-being of our youth, as well as the environmental and economic performance of our schools. And there opportunities for all to participate in different ways. Some of these individual roles might be connected to a particular school or school district, and other roles might be related to promoting or supporting green schools more broadly.

Roles Related to a particular school or school district:

  • Student
  • Teacher/Paraprofessional or other instructional role
  • Student Support- i.e. Counsellor, Social Worker, and similar
  • Parent or Guardian
  • School Administrator
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Food Service Personnel
  • Health- i.e. Nurse, Nutritionist, Athletics, and similar
  • Maintenance and Operations- i.e. Facilities Management, Custodial, and similar
  • Volunteer
  • District Administration- i.e. Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum Director, and similar
  • School Board Member
  • Community Member- i.e. parent of an alumni, taxpayer, and similar
  • Educational Consultant or Service Provider
  • Governmental (City, County, Watershed District, Etc.)

Roles related to Schools more broadly:

Educational Organizations, Consultants or Service Providers – for example:

  • Curriculum provider or teacher training
  • Professional organizations for educational professionals
  • Educational teaching and research organizations
  • Higher Education
  • Environmental Learning Centers

Operational Consultants or Service Providers – for example:

  • Vendors and services (office supplies, food suppliers, waste removal, etc.)
  • Energy Auditors,
  • Design and Construction professionals

Governmental – for example:

  • City
  • County
  • Watershed District
  • State Representatives

And more broadly:

  • Corporations or Nonprofits wishing to support schools in some way
  • Citizen, Future employer, Tax payer, etc.

All these roles and more can participate in the program in some way. Here is the structure of the participation categories for individuals and groups.

Who's Joined?

As individuals join, they will be listed here, and once enough have joined, they will be shown in an interactive map, linked to their GreenStep Resource Organization Profile page

Joined as of January 14, 2020:

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Process Steps

What are the Steps for an Individual to Take?

The steps for an individual to be involved depends on their goals and interests. While team members working on a project or best practice action do not need to have an account, they might want to. An individual could affiliate with a school or district, noting their role as part of being on a team working on an action. Or they might not affiliate with an action, but have a profile in order to make it easier for teams working on actions to contact them or invite them to an action team. Another way to use this individual account is to network with others of similar roles across the state and participate in communities of practice.

Once an individual is part of a team that completes an action, that action becomes part of their “portfolio.” For example, if a teacher completes environmental education training to help the school complete continuing education actions, the teacher can carry that project history forward with them to their later work with another school, although the project recognition remains with the original school. Likewise, a student in a school can participate in training or community activities with students from other schools to demonstrate extra-curricular involvement in environmental community service.

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