MN GreenStep Schools

Picture this: One step at a time…, teams of schools, districts, students, parents, and a supporting community of volunteers, non-profits, businesses, and local and state government agencies all working together to help schools and their community take actions and build their capacity to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future: preparing children for a changing economy, protecting our environment and community health, and harvesting the benefits of a clean energy future—all with guidance, assistance, and recognition from MN GreenStep Schools.  

The Minnesota GreenStep Schools program is a free and voluntary statewide best practices framework, community of practice, and recognition program for public and private K-12 schools and districts to reduce environmental impact and costs, improve health and well-being of students and staff, and provide effective environmental and sustainability education. Read the executive summary below for an overview.

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Interest in the MN GreenStep Schools Program 

Through November 2022, one or more contacts at 15 school districts, 36 schools, and 44 resource organizations throughout Minnesota have expressed interest in the Interest Form