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Minnesota GreenStep Schools Pilot Launch

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About the Pilot Version

The Pilot Version 1.0 was released January 16th, 2020

The pilot version is building basic capabilities. Not all features are active. As the website is developed, anticipate greater functionality and addition of more Best Practice Pages and Best Practice Action details. Note that even if a best practice page is not developed, you can work on actions in that category. If you have any comments on the website, please submit your feedback in this form, or alternately contact mngreenstepsch@umn.edu, including the name of the page in the email subject line, and your comment or question in the email body. As significant updates are made, they will be listed below.


These are the substantial updates since the January 16, 2020 release including the activation of pages and features not in the initial release. Listed below are updates to the functioning and documentation of the program. Not included are news updates, changing project promotional elements, or status updates on which organizations have expressed interest, joined, or advanced in recognition.

Update 1/21/20

Update 2/21/20

Update 3/11/2020

Update 7/20/2020

The following online Resources for BP 0.2 GreenStep School Resolution have been added

Update 3/17/2021

Update 1/31/2022

Update 4/22/2022

Update 3/16/2022

Update 10/9/23

Update 10/26/23

Update 1/9/24

Updated 1/26/24