ECE Travel & Reimbursement

Use Chrome River to turn in all expense reimbursements


No paper UM1612 forms as of April 8, 2019 Chrome River for Travel and Non-Travel reimbursements

Chrome River FAQ

Employee Access for Chrome River: MyU > Key Links > U Travel

Access the University Chrome River page at

Why are we doing this? What's Chrome River?

Okay, I read the things (or skimmed it). Now what? Job Aids!

I'm getting warnings! Why?

Compliance and regulations, mostly.

Traveling Overseas?

What about currency conversion?

    • If you used the TCard, Chrome River will convert the currency for you!

Per Diem?

What about meals?

Do not buy meals while in travel status using the TCard

What about mileage?

Still have questions? Here's the FAQ for Traveling on University Business

Or contact Alyssa via to schedule a 1:1 support appointment.

Use subject: Chrome River Appointment.

Most common issues that occur in Chrome River

- Who is traveling? - Where are you traveling? - Why are you traveling? - What is the benefit to the University and/or sponsored project? - Please include title of any work presented.
  • Allocation = Account string (Try: Project Number for Sponsored funding; FinEmplID or Program Number for Non-Sponsored funding)
  • Lodging Expense Itemization
All lodging receipts must be itemized and must include a final total Email travel documents and receipts directly from your email to Alternate emails can be added under profile settings

1 receipt = 1 image

Minimum file size should be greater 50KB;Maximum file size should be less than 10MB

OR use the Chrome River app (CR Snap)

Including personal days in your travel? Do a flight comparison while booking your flight!

*Economy class flights may be bumped.

Be secure. Book Economy Plus.

Introducing the Travel Card for Chrome River

Pay for your own travel expenses up front!

Use the TCard for airfare, conference registration, and ground transportation

Use the TCard for hospitality meals*

$2,500 single transaction limit/ $10,000 monthly transaction limit

DO NOT use the TCard for meals while in travel status

DO NOT use the TCard to pay for alcohol EVER

DO NOT use the TCARD to pay for other travelers EVER

How to Reconcile a TCard (policy and job aid)

or, I've used my TCard, now what?
  • It may take 3-5 days for expenses to load in the system
  • Transactions $25.00+ require itemized receipts
  • Email travel documents and receipts directly from your email to or use CR Snap App on your smartphone.
  • Receipts do not require signatures

*Alcohol cannot be paid for with the travel card. Alcohol should only be paid for with a personal card. Receipts should be submitted in Chrome River as an out-of-pocket expense.

Alcohol sales tax note: When calculating alcohol sales tax, do not use the subtotal if it includes a benefits surcharge.

Tips may not exceed 20%. Anything tipped in excess may not be reimbursed.

Traveling & Hospitality on University Business

UMN Travel Policies and Helpful Links

UMN Travel Services via MyU UTravel:

University Policies & Procedures

ECE Business & Hospitality Expenses

Business and Hospitality Expense Policy.pdf

Approvals and Modifications in Chrome River

What comes after a report submission

For anyone who needs to review, approve, or modify expense reports in Chrome River

Need to Approve a Report? Read this.

Reports may be approved via email or from within Chrome River.

Reports will route: Supervisor --> DeptID Approver(s)* --> (DeptID CA)

Reports with policy violations and/or $10,000+ will route:

Supervisor --> DeptID Approver(s)* --> DeptID CA --> Chief Financial Manager --> (Accounting Services)

*Reports will only route to an approver once, even if they fulfill multiple roles.

Need to Modify a Report? Read this.

Reports within 90 days can:

    • be accessed if it is in Draft, Returned, or Submitted status
    • be modified or deleted if in Draft or Returned status
    • modified if Submitted, but Pending Approval
        • Submitted and Approved Reports cannot be modified

Additional Forms

Forms may be submitted digitally to or paper copies may be printed and submitted to the ECE Front Office at KHKH 4-174

Statement In Lieu of Receipt Form

Statement in Lieu.pdf

Request for Lodging Exception (Domestic)

Request for Lodging Exception_UM1636.doc

Non-Employee Reimbursement Form

nonemployee reimbursement 11.18.13.pdf

ECE Pre-Award Funding Procedure

ECE Pre-Award Procedure.pdf

Chrome River Job Aids

A complete list of all Chrome River Job Aids