ECE Staff Policies

Regular and Flexible Work Schedules

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering encourages flexible work arrangements when it is better for the employee and does not impact the work of the department. Please consult the standard schedule policies below and carefully consider if any of the flexible arrangements will make you a more productive employee. Discuss with your supervisor if you would like to pursue.

  • Regular Hours

Your regular hours should be worked out with your supervisor and abide by the following guidelines. a) Hours must comport with the nature of the position especially when in a customer service role; b) Unless by special arrangement, you should be scheduled to work 8 hours each day, with an additional 30-60 minute unpaid break midday; and c) Workdays should start between 6:00 am and 10:00 am.

  • Vacation

Planned vacations or other leaves of 3 or more days should be communicated to all staff before the leave begins by sending an email to Any absence should be entered onto the ECE Staff VSL calendar which is shared with all staff. Enter any absences into the top "day" section of the calendar and indicate only your name and whether you are "out", "training", or "working from home". Half-days should also be indicated. Please be sure to put a sign on your door when you know you will be out.

  • Tardiness

If you are late for work or need to leave early, you can do one of the following, a) take vacation, unpaid leave, or sick leave as appropriate for the time missed; b) make up the time during the same day; or c) make arrangements with your supervisor to make up the time. Any time made up needs to be completed in the same pay period.

  • Flexible Hours

The policy of the department allows for flexible hours arrangements during the summer, specifically between the first Monday after Memorial Day and the Friday before Labor Day. Common arrangements include four 10-hour days in a week or 9 (nearly) 9-hour days over a two week period. Flexible hour arrangements during the Fall and Spring are not available except by special arrangement.

  • Working from Home

Telecommuting or working from home is allowed on a case by case basis, so long as it fits with the nature of the position. Arrangements should be discussed with your supervisor and the four related documents below need to be filed with the Department Administrator.

  • Inclement Weather

If an employee would like the option to work from home only in cases of inclement weather when commuting to work is hazardous and/or inefficient, then file only the Telecommuting Agreement and select the appropriate option.