Record Books

A 4-H Record Book is a standard record of your activities in 4-H - your projects, activities, events, skills development and learning experiences. The 4-H Record Book helps you improve your skills in record keeping, goal management and reflection on your achievements and growth in 4-H. You can submit your record book for evaluation at the club, county and state levels.

The Record Book and Achievement Programs are optional and separate programs. 

We highly recommend you take advantage of both programs to maximize your growth and learning in 4-H.

Record Book Manual

The Record Book Manual and Record Book Forms are separate documents. Each county must come into alignment with these versions and eliminate all supplemental forms and/or other requirements.

Record Book Manual (PDF) - This manual outlines all the parts of the Record Book and includes instructions for completing each form.

Record Book Forms

Record Book forms are available in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs & Sheets. All versions allow you to complete each form directly into the document and expand or delete the rows as needed. Use the document style you are most comfortable using. 

Important information for using Google templates

You must use your own personal Google account to access the Google Record Book Form templates. Copy the templates to your personal Google Drive. 

Do not use school-issued Google accounts.

Most school districts block access to download from sites outside of your school district. Please be aware that if you are trying to use the Google account assigned from your school, you are likely to get a denied access/request permission request. It is also likely that they will not grant you incoming access by your school account administrator. 

Record Book Forms - Google

Copy the templates to your personal Google Drive. The Google versions contain all forms, but does not include the My 4-H Story, Expression Pages, Collection of Work, or Resume for Seniors. There are prompts to remind you to create these pages.

2021-23 Record Book forms - All (Google doc)

2021-23 Record Book Forms - All  (Google Sheet)

Personal Development Report (Google doc)

Annual Project Report (Google Doc)

Leadership Development Report (Google doc) Intermediate & Senior only

Questions about the Record Books?

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