Miltoncross Academy Staff

Please see below a list of our wonderful staff. If you wish to make contact with any of the following staff members, please click here to view our communication routes.

Teaching Staff

Senior Leadership:

  • Mrs R Fletcher - Assistant Headteacher (KS4 Progress)

  • Mr N Giles - Headteacher

  • Ms H Forbes - Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs D Mason - Senior Deputy Headteacher

  • Mr J Mersey - Assistant Headteacher (SENCo)

  • Mr A Threadingham - Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)

  • Mrs D Vickers - Director of Maths

  • Mr M Wheeler - Assistant Headteacher, Attendance and Behaviour


  • Mr T Adebesin - Key Stage 3 Progress Lead Maths

  • Ms E Assar - Teacher of Maths / Numeracy Lead

  • Miss J Kemp - Teacher of Maths

  • Mr M Rendell - Teacher of Maths

  • Ms B Smith - Teacher of Maths


  • Miss T Choudhury - Teacher of English

  • Mrs S Lenton - Teacher of English / Literacy & Digital Strategy Lead

  • Mr R Halford - Head of English

  • Mr N O'Rourke - Teacher of English

  • Mrs S L Payne - Teacher of English & Media

  • Mrs J Thompson - 2nd in English

  • Mrs E Greely - Teacher of English

  • Mr J Campbell - Teacher of English


  • Mr I Ferrer - Teacher of Science

  • Mr C Jones - Head of Science

  • Miss H King - Teacher of Science / STEM Outreach Lead

  • Mr B Colclough - Teacher of Science

  • Mrs H Burrows - Teacher of Science

  • Mr I Brightman - Teacher of Science

  • Mr J Woodroffe - Teacher of Science

Modern Foreign Languages:

  • Mr S Crowe - Casual Teacher of MFL

  • Miss Z Gilbert - Teacher of MFL

  • Mrs W Hobbs - Teacher of EAL

  • Mrs C Mason - Lead MFL Coordinator

  • Mr D Quirke - EAL Coordinator

  • Miss N Qureshi - Lead MFL Coordinator

  • Mrs A Wood - Teacher of MFL

IT & Computer Science:

  • Mrs C Roberts - Teacher of ICT


  • Miss C Burgess - Teacher of History

  • Mrs S Daye - Teacher of Humanities / PSHE Co-Ordinator

  • Miss A Tomlinson - Head of Humanities

  • Mr M Tumber - Teacher of Ethics

  • Mr H Hick - Teacher of Geography


  • Mr B Andrews - Head of Performance Faculty

  • Miss R Johnson - Teacher of PE

  • Mr A Kildea - Teacher of PE

  • Mrs S Stokes - Head of Music

  • Mrs F Yesmin - Head of Art and Photography


  • Mr T Hobbs - Head of Technology

  • Mr B Wagstaffe - Teacher of Technology

Support Staff


  • Mr M Chuter - Assistant Librarian

  • Mrs C Cross - HR, Information and Exams Manager

  • Mrs L Dyer - Receptionist & General Administrator

  • Mrs J French - PA to the Headteacher

  • Mrs P Hall - Finance Assistant

  • Mr A Lenton - Network Manager

  • Mrs L O'Brien-Ewart - Community, Display & Reprographics Officer

  • Miss J Palmer - Careers & Post-16 Co-ordinator

  • Miss E Parsons - Timetable, Cover & Data Manager

  • Mrs S P Payne - Attendance Officer

  • Miss S Price - Receptionist & Curriculum Administrator

  • Mrs E Romain - First Aid and Immunisations Officer

  • Mrs A Taviner - Finance & Admin Assistant

  • Miss C Wapshare - Media and Marketing Officer

Classroom and Teacher Support:

  • Mrs J Ayling - Teaching Assistant

  • Mr G Jones - Alliance Suite Co-ordinator

  • Ms J Errington - Teaching Assistant

  • Mr T Fairweather - Teaching Assistant

  • Miss S Fletcher - Apprentice Teaching Assistant

  • Miss F Game - Teaching Assistant

  • Mr T Hewett - Victory Suite Manager

  • Mr O Lee - Apprentice Teaching Assistant

  • Miss M Marshall - ACE Tutor

  • Mrs H Mulryne - Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs R Musson - Victory Suite Assistant

  • Miss C Pink - Teaching Assistant

  • Miss V Platt - ACE Tutor

  • Miss S Pryer - ACE Coordinator

  • Miss T Shipp - Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Tuck - Teaching Assistant Coordinator

  • Ms T Turner - Teaching Assistant

  • Miss D Williams - Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Wilson - SEND Support Officer

  • Miss M Cooper - ACE Tutor

  • Miss S Tiller - ACE Tutor

  • Mrs S Maloney - Teaching Assistant

  • Miss L Mulryne - Teaching Assistant

  • Miss G Dunn - Apprentice Teaching Assistant


  • Mrs C Canham - Senior Science Technician

  • Mrs C Godfrey - General Technician

  • Miss L Ible - Art & Technology Technician

  • Mr D Stevenson - Science and ICT Network Technician

Cover Supervisors:

  • Dr C Marden - Cover Supervisor

  • Miss L Thornton - Cover Supervisor

  • Mr A Jenner - Literacy Intervention Co-Ordinator

  • Mrs P Kaur - Cover Supervisor

Year Teams

Two people stood side by side. On the left: Mrs Jo Sandy. Wearing a purple and white spotted dress, and purple lanyard. On the right: Mr Sam Norman. Wearing a black suit, white shirt, purple tie and purple lanyard.

Year 7

Head of Year:

Mr S Norman (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:

Mrs J Sandy (Email)

Year 8

Head of Year:

Miss E James (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:

Mrs J Memery (Email)

Two women stood side by side. On the left: Mrs Julie Rose. Wearing a black blazer, black shirt with coloured stripes and red lanyard. On the right: Mrs Jess Sollars. Wearing a black and white spotted shirt and red lanyard.

Year 9

Head of Year:

Mrs J Sollars (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:

Ms J Rose (Email)

Two women stood side by side. One the left: Mrs Ange Wallis. Wearing a black, long-sleeved dress and blue lanyard. On the right: Ms Kate Robinson. Wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue lanyard.

Year 10

Head of Year:

Mrs A Wallis (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:

Miss K Robinson (Email)

Two women stood side by side. On the left: Mrs Marie Hewitt. Wearing a red and white spotted dress and red lanyard. On the right: Mrs Tammy Paffett. Wearing a red and white spotted dress and green lanyard.

Year 11

Head of Year:

Mrs T Paffett (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:

Mrs M Hewitt (Email)