Senior Leadership

Profile-style image of Nick Giles. He is wearing a dark suit jacket, blue shirt and yellow and blue striped tie.

Mr Giles - Headteacher

I started my adult life in the Royal Navy (RN) which originally brought me from the West Midlands to Portsmouth in the 1980s.  After leaving the RN, I became an English teacher and have since worked in a number of schools across Hampshire.  I moved to Miltoncross in September 2021 from a school in Southampton where I had been the headteacher for 5 years.

I genuinely believe that as adults we owe it to our students to uphold very high standards and model strong self-discipline.  Sometimes this means making brave decisions that are unpopular in the present but are in the best interests of a student’s future.  We want children to excel in all academic learning alongside attributes such as strong work ethic, kindness, courtesy and having a solid ‘can do’ attitude that avoids excuses.  

Profile-style image of Deb Mason. Deb has cropped strawberry blonde hair, and is wearing a yellow lanyward, black floral shirt and black blazer.

Mrs Mason - Senior Deputy Headteacher

Having worked in several Southampton schools, I joined Miltoncross many years ago. During my time here, I have held several roles including Head of department and pastoral leader. As the Senior Deputy Headteacher for Curriculum Design & Delivery and I am responsible for assuring Miltoncross has the highest quality curriculum across all subjects so that all students can achieve the strongest academic outcomes. 

I am committed to ensuring that students at Miltoncross have the very best opportunities and am proud to be part of the Miltoncross Academy community.

Professional portrait of Ms Hayley Forbes. Hayley is white, with brown hair and blue glasses. She is smiling. She is wearing a black blazer with a red floral shirt and yellow lanyard. She is stood in front of a brown brick wall and tree with green leaves.

Ms Forbes - Deputy Headteacher 

I feel very proud to have dedicated nearly 20 years to the development, progress and outcomes of young people in schools in Hampshire and I am very excited to have recently joined the senior leadership team at Miltoncross Academy where I will have lead responsibility for student culture across the school. 

My passion and belief is that each child should be known as an individual and nurtured to be able to be happy, healthy and successful in all areas of their lives; socially, emotionally and academically.  I am very proud to be part of a school who has successfully fostered this ethos and continues to review, build and grow to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.

Profile-style image of Adam Threadingham. Adam has cropped brown hair, is smiling, wearing a navy blue suit, pink, navy blue stripy shirt with white collars. He is also wearing a navy blue and pink dotted tie.

Mr Threadingham - Assistant Headteacher, Teaching & Learning

Before completing my PGCE and qualifying to teach Science I worked in a scientific testing laboratory, working with medical and medicinal samples.

My responsibilities at Miltoncross Academy include leading Teaching & Learning; ensuring that our teachers are delivering good quality lessons to our pupils consistently. I have worked at Miltoncross Academy for nearly 10 years. I strongly believe that Miltoncross Academy is a great place for the young people of Portsmouth to develop and learn and I am committed to making it even better.

As a Science Teacher I am a passionate promoter of STEM careers. I have high aspirations for the pupils of Miltoncross Academy and want them to aim high in their lives and careers. Outside of work I am a strong believer in exercise and fitness being an important part of a both physical and mental wellness.

Profile-style image of Joe Mersey. Joe is wearing a dark grey suit, white shirt and blue tie. He is also wearing a green lanyard.

Mr Mersey - Assistant Headteacher, (SENCo)

I am Miltoncross Academy's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and Wellbeing Lead, so much of my role is about working with those students who may need additional support to achieve well and enjoy school. 

I teach Religious Studies, Ethics and Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) and believe passionately that all students deserve to be valued, supported and encouraged to make the most of the opportunities available to them during their time at school.

I am proud to have been part of the Miltoncross community for a considerable time and before that I taught in West Sussex.

Profile-style image of Becky Fletcher. Becky is wearing a black blazer, green, black and white spotted shirt, blue lanyard and black framed glasses.

Mrs Fletcher - Assistant Headteacher, KS4 Progress 

I joined Miltoncross in 2011 as a Geography teacher before becoming Head of Humanities and more recently in the Senior Leadership Team where I oversee KS4 assessment, progress and attainment. 

I am fortunate to be a part of the vibrant and supportive community at Miltoncross and look forward each day to finding out what the students will teach me.

Profile image of Director of Maths, D Vickers. D Vickers has brown and blonde hair tied in bun. She is wearing a grey blazer jacket and black and pink floral shirt.

Ms D Vickers - Director of Attendance

Prior to becoming a teacher I worked as a gas engineer and as a nanny. In my late 20’s, I decided on a change of career and went to University to do my Maths degree to begin my journey to become a teacher.

I joined Miltoncross in 2016 as the Head of Maths and became part of the Senior Leadership Team in 2018.

My responsibilities at Miltoncross include leading the Maths Department and being responsible for raising standards for our pupil premium students. I am a strong believer in the importance of enabling students to leave school with a good Mathematics GCSE qualification and hope that in years to come we will eradicate the common phrase “I was never any good at maths” which we hear so often. We have a responsibility that all our students achieve the very best during their time here and strong Maths and English skills on leaving will enable all our students to access a much wider range of opportunities after they leave.

Professional-style portrait of Mr Matt Wheeler. Matt is a white man with grey hair. He is smiling. He is wearing a blue suite with a white shite and blue floral tie. He is also wearing a yellow lanyard. Matt is stood outside in front of a brown brick wall and tree with green leaves.

Mr Wheeler - Assistant Headteacher, Attendance and Behaviour 

I am very proud to be the Assistant Head Teacher for Attendance and Behaviour at Miltoncross Academy. I began working at the school 18 years ago and have held several positions, including Teacher of PE, Head of House, and Teacher of Maths.

It's my firm belief that all children can flourish when given the opportunity to do so and this includes ensuring that high standards are expected of all students all of the time. I look forward everyday to working with our wonderful students and helping them to get the best education they can.

Photo of Business Manager, Mr Guinea. Mr Guinea is stood in front of a tree with bright green leaves. He is a white man with greying hair and beard. He is wearing a blue shirt with dark blue spotty tie. He is also wearing a blue Miltoncross lanyard.

Mr Guinea - Business Manager

Biography to be added.