The Positive Youth Development (PYD) Toolbox creates a space for people who are supporting youth in reaching their potential around Safety, Health, Education, Connection, and Contribution. We believe collaborative learning encourages us to continually improve our efforts to support youth.

This website incorporates a Positive Youth Development (PYD) tool that was developed to foster reflection, discussion, and continuous improvement for youth serving entities.

The examples provided for each PYD principle highlight how one might observe or demonstrate PYD in their program, practices and policies.

Use the toolbox as an agency to operationalize PYD within your agency and to assess foundational elements of PYD.

Founded on existing literature and informed by communities, Colorado defines PYD uniquely as a universal approach with a practical lens that cuts across multiple risk factors and across all levels of prevention.

PYD in Colorado is an evidence-based approach that guides communities and organizations in the way that they organize services, opportunities and supports so that all youth can be engaged and reach their full potential.

This universal PYD approach allows for all youth-serving and supporting organizations to be able to operationalize PYD regardless of their outcome area of focus.

The boundaries for integrating PYD are limitless because at the heart of this "movement" is actually transformation in our culture, norms, and ingrained beliefs about young people- from seeing them as problems to fix to resources to cultivate and engage.

  1. Using the top navigation pages, research and select what PYD principles your agency would like to grow.

  2. Each page above includes a guiding principle, its indicators, and criteria for success.

  3. Under each indicator are columns. The first column, “Planting,” outlines the foundational elements of the indicator and those criteria should be seen in “Growing” and “Growing” in “Blossoming," as each description of the PYD indicators builds on the one prior in developmental progression. Select where you are based on each indicator and use the examples to integrate PYD principles into your work.

  4. Once you have learned more about the principles and indicators, continue to use the examples in order to integrate all 5 PYD principles into your organization.

PYD is not a one size fits all. There are areas for growth across all PYD priniciples.

Planting Growing Blossoming