Collaborative Haptics, Robotics, and Mechatronics

-Engineering with you-

The CHROME Lab is a place where engineers work collaboratively with professionals to create new technologies that augment human capabilities -- not hinder them.

In a world where humans are often required to "learn" technology, we seek instead, to adopt human-centered design practices that result in technologies that feel natural and intuitive. We are particularly interested in how we can promote effective multimodal information transfer, with a focus on haptic (touch) technologies as a primary mode of interaction.

Our research applications span education, medicine, and consumer technologies. Our research partners span educators and schools, clinical practitioners, and those on the margins of society - for whom technologies are often not designed, but from whom, we stand much to learn about human capacity.

In the CHROME Lab, we are focused on impact. We strive to translate our research out of our lab, such that it can make a difference beyond our walls. Come join us and learn more!

The CHROME Lab is a laboratory in Mechanical Engineering at Saint Louis University.