Save river Rzav

Building of the dam on the river Rzav will sentence the river to a death!

It took a million of years for the nature to build up the river Rzav in the form and look we have and enjoy today. And a man strives to destroy it pretty soon.

At the end of 2008 on the Facebook website it was founded a Group GOD SAVE RZAV with the fundamental goal - to protect and save the Rzav river in its original form and genuine look. The river Rzav is the only river in Serbia that is absolutely unpolluted along its entire course.

As one of the shiniest pearls of the string of Serbian nature beauties, the river Rzav has been recently looked at by the eye of industry of the entire region and the country as a whole. No wonder to that at all regarding the fact that the river Rzav possess nature resource that many futurologists long ago found as the hugest wealth of the future - clean and clear water.

The river Rzav is now to be offered to alter of the God of money and is convicted to make its sacrifice! Several concrete-made "knives" (dams) are planned to be plunged into its beautiful, tender body. If that happens, the river Rzav, in its form and look well known to us, will disappear forever entering the empire of our memories only. 

The new, huge water surfaces will destroy stream-rapids, cliffy Canyons, livid-green whirlpools and healing spas of the river Rzav. The climate will automatically change itself and instead of Sun we will get fog. Also, its influence on agriculture, the fundament of this region, could be only guessed, then.

Our goal is to bring together as many people as possible into this non-profitable Group turning, that way, a quantity into a quality in just a moment. Along with your help we will organize and run various actions including:

-Creations of the Petitions
- Alarming the public
- Cleaning of the river Rzav
- Chasing and driving the poachers away the river coasts
- Miscellaneous happenings in the sphere of culture and sport, etc.

Therefore, I cordially call you to join us, to visit the coasts of the Saint River Rzav and have a drink of the crystal clear water from your palm, like modern Diogens did. That way we will forever save the river Rzav, not only for us, but for future generations we borrowed it from, for only awhile.

Next year, I plan to take a walk along the entire course of the river Rzav (from its spring to its chops) and that way to make maybe the last film about the last unpolluted river in Serbia. 

If interested, please don't hesitate to contact me at:
Facebook group God Save Rzav

Pleaze check the sidebar for the petition!