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Friends of Zvezdara forest

Our thanks go to the institutions, organizations, public figures and individuals that have supported protection of Zvezdara forest.

"A friend in need, is a friend indeed."
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Scout squad "National hero Miodrag Milovanović Lune"
Ecological association "Forest Fairy"
Go Earth, Paris, France
"Priroda", Boleč, Serbia
RIO Kostolac, Kostolac, Serbia
Regionals Talents’ Center Beograd II, Belgrade, Serbia
NGO "EKOSS", Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia
NGO "Zdravlje", Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia



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Go Earth is an independent non-governmental organization which aims at preserving our planet and human interest. Go Earth is willing to be present on every event in touch with human interest.

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A letter sent to the proper authorities from Center for Developing Ecological Awareness "The Well" stating support for protection of Zvezdara forest.

izražavamo zabrinutost i protivljenje predloženom urbanističkom planu detaljne regulacije Zvezdarske šume.
Od opšteg značaja je da šuma kao društveno dobro bude očuvana.
Najavljen predlog po kome se delovi šume uništavaju smatramo neodrživim.
Molimo vas da se zauzmete integritetom i autoritetom za spas šume.
Može se iznaći situacija u kojoj svi dobijaju. Sečom šume svi gubimo.

Sa velikim poštovanjem i verom da radite za opšte dobro .

Dear Sir,

We are expressing concern and opposition to the proposed Plan for detailed regulation of Zvezdara forest.
It is important for everyone to preserve the forest as a common good.
We ask You to intercede in behalf of protection of Zvezdara forest, with Your integrity and authority.
Situation in which everyone is a winner can be found. By cutting down the forest we all lose.

With great respect and faith that You work for the common good,

Center for Developing Ecological Awareness – “The Well”,                                        
Contact tel: 064 476 1016
Contact person: Milan Đurić
e-mail: izvorekoloskesvesti@gmail.com
Web site: www.well.org.rs


A letter sent to the proper authorities from Union of Parks and Landscape Specialists in Bulgaria stating support for protection of Zvezdara forest.

Dear Madams, Sirs,

The members of the Union of Parks and Landscape Specialists in Bulgaria (founded in 1991) are convinced the realization of the new detailed regulation plan of the valuable Belgrade’s Zvezdara Forest will cause irretrievable damages on the different components of the urban environment (air temperature, chemical composition and presence of dust, biodiversity, wind regime etc.) and citizens will be denied the opportunities of being in contact with nature’s elements, so of recreating their physical and spiritual health. As result the quality of life of people of the different age groups will be considerably lowered for ever. Authorities that are concerned of their citizens do not act in such way, because their main task is to assure the happiness of all the people in the respective state, region or city. We express our full support to the initiative of Belgrade’s citizens and insist that the planed business activities in the Zvezdara forest will be realized elsewhere where the environment and people’s life will not be harm so heavily!


Dr Maria Samardjieva

Landscape architect, journalist


Union of Parks & Landscape

Specialists in Bulgaria


Member of Citisens for Green Sofia Initiative

Visiting address: Sofia, ZK Sveta Troitza, bl.356, ap.56

For correspondence: 1606 Sofia, POBox 94

Tel.: +359 2 929 7716

Web site: http://www.parkland-bg.org (under construction)

E-mail: parkland@abv.bg

Mobile: +359 0898512298