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World Animal Day

posted Oct 4, 2011, 1:06 AM by Protect Forest

October 4th is celebrated throughout the world as World Animal Day. This day unites organizations, institutions and people that care for animals and environment from all around the globe. Special care is given to education of children.

Research has shown that there are numerous benefits in encouraging children to care for animals. For young children, looking after a companion animal, whether at home or in the classroom, can help develop a sense of responsibility and compassion, and can help in coming to terms with some of life's more difficult issues, such as bereavement (see 'Super-Humane Kids' below). Sometimes a child who finds it difficult to share his or her troubles with an adult or another child will talk to and confide in an animal, which can help in processing complex emotions."  (by World Animal Day)
Nowdays when there are so many endangered species on the brink of extinction one can't stress enough the importance of preservinf environment and biodiversity and importance of those for humanity. Heightening public awareness of animal issues can be only beneficial to society.

In Serbia, several NGOs that are involved in animal care and environment protection mark this day by making  educational events.

Zvezdara forest is inhabited by large number of animals, among which many are protected by international conventions and laws of Republic of Serbia. Some of them are:

- East European Hedgehog
- European Mole
- Common Buzzard
- Tawny Owl
- Long-Eared Owl
Scops Owl
Little Owl

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