Save Belgrade Platanus (plane trees)

You may have heard, maybe you haven't, but in a renewal of the Boulevard of the Revolution more than 400 plane trees will be cut by more than 500 plane trees, some of which are older than 100 years and some have only 25. 
Boulevard of king Alexander

There are various explanations for this terrible treecide (suicide of a trees).  First, "experts" explained that this is because of moving of tram rails towards the middle of the street. Then it was brought to their attention that plane trees, being on the side of the street are not obstacle for such a project, so there is no reason to cut.

Then the "experts" suddenly found that all plane trees (400 of them) are rotten and infected with various diseases, which, among other things are consequence of incompetent and savage pruning. 
Then people pointed out that all the plane trees in Belgrade are being pruned the same way and that is at least very strange that the plane trees from the Vuk's monument to the top of the Boulevard (Cvetkova pijaca) are infected, while the plane plane trees from Vuk's monument to the square of Nikola Pašić(although on average older by a decade or more, and certainly more prunned) are picture of perfect for health - they will not be cut. 

Finally, the "experts" explained that there is a possibility that during the construction, roots of the plane trees might get damaged and that there is some probability that such a plane tree would wither and fall on someone.
Boulevard of king Alexander,
photo taken by Branibor Debeljković in 1965.
In addition to the scare of the trees the so-called "experts" are trying to propagate, as we are small children, so-called "experts" seem to be unfamiliar with building regulations, which prescribe the manner of works so as to not damage the trees.
It is interesting that the "experts" do not know that the regulations in question are being used in many countries, from Central Asia, across Europe, to America.

Judging by the plans which were presented to the public and opinions of the real experts, it can be easily concluded that the real motive behind the killing of one of the symbols of Belgrade is building metro of the light type and more parking space, or enrichment of a small number of people connected with the building mafia, again!.