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What They Really Want to Do

See for yourself what is “Plan of Detailed Regulation of City Park-Forest Zvezdara” proposing: significant depletion of the tree fond;  large areas of the forest cut down and turned into building sites, housing facilities, areas for business and commerce; splitting the forest into patches divided by two-way streets, apartment buildings, business complexes, thus effectively  reducing forest to groups of several trees and making wildlife unsustainable.

By their own admission,  for building new hospital facility twelve times more ground will be taken from the forest, than it is actually needed. Management of the hospital claims that hospital personnel can take better care of the forest than JKP “Zelenilo - Beograd” (public utility company for maintaining parks and forests within Belgrade city limits). Yes, you’ve read it correctly, they claim that they can take better care of the forest, than those who’s job that actually is. So far, care for the forest provided by “KBC Zvezdara”, was  supporting the plan that will give a large chunk of forest to the hospital, for building commercial home for the elderly. And that large chunk is as we already said – 12 times larger, than they realy need.

Furthermore, 4 areas are openly planned for business complexes. In the forest? Why would anyone in their sound mind do that, except for profit?

Upon realization of this plan forest as an whole, and all the benefits that it is currently providing will cease to exist.

Why? Because of profit, that investors will make.

Money, ladies and gentlemen, is one and only motivator here. Some people aim for making short-term profit and leaving barren concrete desert behind them, with absolutely no regards for wildlife and quality of life of citizens of Belgrade.

A sad, but true, story well known, and many times repeated over the globe, is now happening to Zvezdara forest.

Will you allow that to happen? Again?

Will you idly sit by, aware that future of your children and grandchildren is being destroyed by the greed? Or you will take action now?