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Plan for detailed destruction of Zvezdara forest in Belgrade City Council

posted Dec 16, 2011, 12:39 AM by Protect Forest   [ updated Dec 25, 2011, 7:05 AM ]

On Thursday 15th December meeting is scheduled at the City Assembly which will decide on the detailed plan of Zvezdara forest destruction.
Before the members will be the version of the that includes the butchering of Zvezdara forest with roads and tracks cutting through for the tourist train (also the road that winds throughout the forest).
Public green spaces are reduced by as much as 3.5 ha.
Traffic areas are increased by 2.5 ha, living area by ​​1.7 ha.
In the area of ​​public green spaces 246 parking spaces is 
It is planned to dramatically increase the number of employees and residents from 2430 to 5037.
Area under the facilities will be increased by 47,558 m2 (good opportunity for entrepreneurs to eligible party stuffed money in his pocket).
All this will lead to the safe destruction of Zvezdara forest.

In April 2011. 
Zvezdara forest protection study, carried out by the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia, has been approved through the public debate.
It was logical to adopt the  study of protection 
first and then regulatory plan related to the protected area. It did not happen, however, a study of protection in the draft of the plan isn't even mentioned.

The City Council adopted the draft plan at a secret meeting of 24th of November this year and it had not notified the interested public. This violated the Law on Free Access to information of public importance and the Law on Ratification of Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus Convention).
Such guerrilla surprise is also disabled people to use their right to file an amendment guaranteed the Article 115 Rules of the City Assembly.

Please note that the City Council is continuously breaking the law on free access 
to information of public importance because public is not informed of its meetings nor decisions made on them .

Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade on 23rd of September has changed its position from 21st of June 2011. which determined the need for redefining and adjusting traffic planning solutions in Zvezdara forest. Under what political and/or financial pressure?

Great is the responsibility of the members of the Assembly. Since on their votes depends the fate of right lung of Belgrade.