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Find your Tremulous References and other miscellaneous random stuff like War Thunder physics and TremFusion installation manual here!

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Currently the website is under renovation as always so things may be shifted around.

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Category Index:
{Reference Webpage - That's this home page you're on right now.
>>Contact Info - Contact Info, duh.
>>Handy Links - My main reference webpage for Tremulous-related stuff. Aviation stuff are found in the Aviation category. Chances are you're here for this category.
>>Installing Mods, Playing Demos - Tells you where to place and how to play demos of various games (WT, WoT, Trem, Unv etc.) but now is more of a demos archive place.
>Aviation - Aviator's stuff.
>How 2s, Tutorials and Info - A list of tutorials and manuals and other information I provide are here.
>Music Compositions and Transcriptions - I host my own music sheets here as well as backups of lost music sheets. I also host links to my chiptune works.
>ZdrytchX's Blog - My personal blogging. I actually don't really "blog" here anymore actually since I now use Twitter (button below) however I do occasionally post stuff if it's something small yet I want it to remain permanent on my website like my computer specs. No, I don't use wordpress or any of that anymore. Google sites is still my main reference link heaven website for the time being.

For anything else, use the search bar (top right) or use the website page map (left sidebar). If you need help or have requests, feel free to contact me via AusTrem discord here where I am known as ViruS (ZdrytchX#4887). The AusTrem discord also has a #resources channel which gets updated regularly.

Note: Information on this website may not be up to date, but I do check every now and then in the Handy Links section if the links are still working periodically.

Title Banner along with some other pixel art originated from Nux' Artwork. Find them at kdude63's {MG} Archive  
Tremulous Forum Signature Banners from https://sites.google.com/site/wilhelmrahn/tremulousstuff
Tremulous Knights of Reason clan RIP painted by me

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