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Find your Tremulous References and other random shit like War Thunder tips and TremFusion installation manual here!

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Currently the website is under renovation so things may be shifted around.

Links to categories for my own files are on the left column, except code repositories which can be found in the 
Handy links section, and they include latest QVM builds. Tremulous client links are found on this page in the Handy links section. If you are lazy just use the "Search This Site" thing at the top right  of this page. If you are here for How-2s or Tutorials see here. Good luck; Have Fun.

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Category Index:
{Reference Webpage - That's this home page you're on right now.
>Bugs and Issues - Just a list of bugs for various games n stuff. It's outdated as of 16/12/15
>Contact Info - Contact Info, duh.
>> IRC - Additional Information regarding Internet Relay Chat
>Handy Links - My main reference webpage for Tremulous-related stuff. Aviation stuff are found in the Aviation category.
>Installing Mods, Playing Demos - Tells you where to place and how to play demos of various games (WT, WoT, Trem, Unv etc.) but now is more of a demos archive place.
Aviation - Aviator's stuff.
How 2s, Tutorials and Info - A list of tutorials and manuals and other information I provide are here.
Music Compositions and Transcriptions - I host my own music sheets here. I also host links to my chiptune works.
Science - How the world works n shit. I haven't added much stuff and at this moment it really only contains information on me using a paper staple to bend light. It's actually surprisingly the best diffraction source I've ever used before, better than a diffraction grating. It's like using sticky tape for X-Ray analysis but to diffract light instead.
Temp Stuff  Don't visit this page. It's just a garbage storage area where I temporary host and link stuff that shouldn't interest you... well, minus my entry banner for Doki.co Fansubs entry which actually won me a steam game and proof that I scored 160+ IQ on some shit internet quiz. I might host frightenning stuff there occasionally so if you're faint hearted... just don't go here.
ZdrytchX's Blog - My personal blogging. I actually don't really "blog" here anymore actually since I now use Twitter however I do occasionally post stuff if it's something small yet I want it to remain permanent on my website like my computer specs.
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Title Banner along with some other pixel art originated from Nux' Artwork. Find them at kdude63's {MG} Archive  
Tremulous Forum Signature Banners from https://sites.google.com/site/wilhelmrahn/tremulousstuff
Tremulous Knights of Reason clan RIP painted by me

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