The University of Lahore

CS-4110 Java Software Development Paradigm

Semester: Spring 2017

7 - Tools and Technologies

J2SE Part will be covered in this Course. Netbeans 8 will be the official IDE of the course however Jetbrains is an alternative.

8- Text and Other Resources

8.1 Text

1. Herbert Schildts, The Complete Reference Java, 7th Edition, McGrawHill, 2006

8.2 Other Resources

  • Marks
  • Assignment - 1 - Section B & C (odd rollno: Problem-1. even rollno: Problem-3) - Submit handwritten till Saturday night on 29-04-2017
  • Take home Quiz-2 - Section-B - Submit handwritten till 11 am on 28-04-2017.
  • Class Projects

9- Course Outline

The lecturers are supposed to complete the following topics/sub-topics before the mid/final term examination as prescribed in the course outline below: