MS Thesis Proposals

These are some of the projects that I propose to undertake. If you are interested to take any of these projects, contact me. You can also suggest modifications or come up with your ideas and discuss with me. These projects can be undertaken as Bachelor or Master project/thesis. We can also evolve a Phd thesis theme out of these.

Idea 1: Localization and Mapping on a custom built Mobile Robot

Idea 2: Control Algorithms on a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)/ Flying Robot

Idea 3: Crop surveillance on a Farm using a Flying Robot

Idea 4: Achieving Long Term Autonomous Behaviour in Mobile Robots

Idea 5: Traffic Flow Determination and Optimization

Idea 6: Intelligent Behaviour in a Transport Robot

Feel free to contact me at yasir DOT khan AT nu DOT edu DOT pk; or drop by my office in Liberty Lab at FAST-National University, Lahore.