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Number Plate recognition system for University:

                Number Plate recognition system using camera installed at Gate-2 of FAST-NU Lahore, for detection and recognition of cars entering and exiting from campus for optimal use of parking space. Required tech: programming, image processing.

Ride Sharing application:
               An app that allows users to find people for sharing a ride. People can call for sharing seats in their ride, saving the fuel cost. It will be a secure system. Specifically designed for Pakistan. Have learned or willing to learn android development and artificial intelligence.
Object size and distance measurement:

                Automation of object distance and size measuring techniques in civil engineering. Knows or willing to learn hardware/software interaction.

Insect detection on plants:

    Detection of insects on plants. To be used in an agricultural project. Knows or willing to learn image processing.

Autonomous Coverage Drone:

    Program a flying robot that can fly autonomously and cover an area for surveillance. Willing to learn to explore and use APIs.

Pharmaceutical Invention Program:

    A program to design new pharmaceuticals for different diseases specified by a pharmaceutical company. Know/willing to learn Artificial Intelligence techniques.