Dr. Yasir Niaz Khan

Currently I am Chief Technological Officer (CTO) at Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). I am also engaged as a Senior Research Fellow at LUMS.

Before that I worked as an Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science at The University of Lahore and Founder & Head of Research Group of Robotics and IoT.

I worked as an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Information Technology at University of Central Punjab Lahore and Founder & Director of Center of Robotics and Security from 2016-2017.

I worked as an Assistant Professor at Computer Science department at FAST National University Lahore and Founding Director of Liberty Lab for Robotics and Embedded Systems from 2013-2015.

Before this, I was living in the city of Stuttgart doing a Post-doc at the Machine Learning and Robotics (MLR) group at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

I completed my PhD from University of Tuebingen, Germany, in the Robotics Research Group. My work was mostly on Visual Terrain Classification onboard wheeled and flying robots. Tuebingen is a small university town. However the University of Tuebingen is very famous in medical and social sciences. Recently, it achieved the status of one of the elite universities for the next 5 years starting from 2012.

Previously, I was at Kaiserslautern University of Technology Germany for a few years involved in teaching and research at Robotics and AI Group and Image Understanding and Pattern Recognition (IUPR) Group at DFKI. Kaiserslautern city is not so big but is beautiful and famous for football. 

I did BS computer science from FAST - National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. Then I did MS in Computer Science with specialization in "Artificial Intelligence" from the same university.

If you need my short bio, you can use this:

Dr. Yasir Niaz Khan obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Tubingen in 2013. During his Ph.D. he conducted research on detection of terrain (ground surfaces) using a camera mounted on a flying and a ground robot. Upon completing his graduate studies, Dr. Khan started teaching robotics at FAST-NU, Lahore, Pakistan. He started a new robotics Lab at FAST-NU for robotics students to promote robotics in Pakistan. Dr. Khan supervised many national and international level robotic events held at FAST-NU where professors and students from different universities presented their works in robotics field. Dr. Khan joined The University of Lahore, the largest private sector university in Pakistan, and has started to extend his work further. He is now Director of Research Group on Robotics and AI that he established at the university. He has been involved in multiple projects on Agricultural Automation funded by DAAD Germany. He has been working as a consultant with Engro Corp, etc. He worked as a Software Architect AI in 10Pearls for about an year. Currently he is working at Chief Technological Officer at Punjab Safe Cities Authority and as a Senior Research Fellow at LUMS. For more information on Prof. Khan's work visit www.yasirniaz.com


[30-Nov-2023] Distinguished Guest at Smart City Summit held at UMT Lahore.

[] Session Chair at INMIC Conference held at UCP Lahore.

[] Invited Speaker at online Workshop in Turkish Conference.

University-related emails: yasir (DOT) niaz (AT) cs.uol.edu.pk

private: yasir.niaz (AT) gmail.com (uni-related emails will be ignored here)

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