June 17, 2010 (updated, January 19, 2012 and again updated, January 29, 2013, more updates all along especially July 14, 2016)

This is Robyn's writing website.  I am taking notes for several stories or novels at the moment.
I have been reading lots of, "how to write," and other writing books.  I also subscribe to Writer's Digest.  I've read sample copies of other more, "literary," writing magazines too.

There is an index to this site.  Click on it to view the, "table of contents," for the whole site. I have a different section of this site, for each of the stories I am working on.  There is a, "table of contents," or, "index," for each section. 

The, "main," story I was originally working on, is about an itinerant book dealer, "Osbert Pickle".  Click on, "Look No Further," in order to read about my, "Osbert Pickle" story.

Another section on here, is about a family from a fictional, Lums Chapel, Texas.  Click on, "Lums Chapel Whoop-de-doo," in order to read about my, "Lums Chapel," stories. Even though I will be working on one Lums Chapel story first, this section is about all the stories I hope to write some day.  

A third one on here is about, a family of sheep herders living on a, "moon located in the far western reaches of the human colonization of space".  To read about my sci-fi story click on, "Pioneers of the Space, 'out West'".

Knowing how things work for me, I am always thinking of new story ideas.  You never know what will show up on this site.  There could be more journals or notes show up on here in the future.

(The "Look No Further," pages of this site are copied from  another site.  The older text on these pages reflects that.  Some links on those pages are supposed to open pages on the orignal site.  I goofed and they don't always work.) 


Original note from, January 23, 2015... 

This written around May 10, 2016.  I have every intention of writing and finishing a radio drama for the, "BBC World Service -- BBC World Drama -- International Radio Playwriting Competition". There is a journal of my radio writing efforts.  You can check that page in order to read about my progress.


If you should run across this site, and you want to contact me, please click here.  This is the feedback form on the original site.  If you want to respond to something specific about my Novel Writing Efforts, please go to the novel writing feedback page on the original site. I am always looking for feedback.  If you have anything to say, please do.


Below is what I suspect to be a flowering weed growing in our back yard. I didn't plant it, so I suspect it is a weed rather than a plant that one would plant on purpose.  I do like the flower though. If you know what this is called, please let me know.  A friend let me know that these are "forget-me-not" flowers.  Very beautiful for a weed.  How they got in our yard, I'll never know. She also said, "A weed is just a beautiful flower that plants itself and saves you the trouble :-)".