Summer 2016
Graduate Seminar
Embodiment, Emotions and Experience
          Instructor: Dr. Mog Stapleton

Winter 2015
Graduate Seminar
Topics in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science: The Developing Mind
Instructors: Hong Yu Wong, Chiara Brozzo, Krisztina Orban, Katia Samoilova, Gregor Hochstetter  
Guest instructors: Stephen Butterfill (Warwick) and Victor Verdejo (UCL)

Summer 2015
Graduate Seminar

Winter 2014
Graduate seminar
Personal and Sub-Personal
This will be held as a block seminar in January 2015.

Winter 2012

Gradute seminar
Mental Architecture
Liz Irvine, Catherine Stinson, Kirsten Volz, and Hong Yu Wong

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This seminar will be conducted as a block seminar over 2 days on February 20 and March 6 at Raum X, Burse.

Cross-listed in:
Tübingen Philosophy
Tübingen Cognitive Science Program
Max Planck Neural and Behavioural Graduate School

The theme of the seminar is what the architecture of the mind is. The seminar is structured around three interwoven themes:

(1) Accounts of mental architecture
(2) Methodological issues in approaching mental architecture
(3) Conceptions of explanation presupposed in accounts of mental architecture

In this class we will explore different ways of characterising mental architectures, and methodological questions surrounding the identification of particular architectures. Topics will be based around: modularity (both Fodorian and massive modularity), computational approaches within AI (including symbolic and connectionist models), methodological questions about architectures arising within neuropsychology and neuroimaging, and a case study of dual-systems theories of decision making. For details please consult the syllabus.

Click here for the SYLLABUS.

Course Prerequisites:
One course in philosophy of mind/psychology/neuroscience.

Course Requirements:
1 essay of 3000 words each and 4 summaries (300 words each) on the literature (see syllabus for details).

Summer 2012

Graduate seminar
Explaining Consciousness?
Liz Irvine and Hong Yu Wong
Max Planck Graduate School of Neural & Behavioural Sciences
Thursdays, 4-6 pm
Seminar Room, FIN Building

CIN-MPI Seminar series
Body Perception
Sally Linkenauger, Betty Mohler, Catherine Stinson, and Hong Yu Wong
Usual locations: MRZ Seminar Room
Occasional Mondays, 4-6 pm

CEU Summer University
Problems of the Self

Directors:  Natalie Sebanz (CEU/Donders) and Hong Yu Wong (CIN)
Faculty:  Peter Callero (Western Oregon, Sociology), Gunther Knoblich (CEU Cog Sci), Beatrice Longuenesse (NYU Philosophy), Christopher Peacocke (Columbia Philosophy), Philippe Rochat (Emory, Psychology), Paul Snowdon (UCL Philosophy), Manos Tsakiris (Royal Holloway, Psychology)
CEU Cognitive Science Department, Budapest
June 25 - July 5, 2012

Winter 2011

CIN Graduiertenkolleg Seminar
Themes in Contemporary Philosophy of Psychology and Neuroscience: The Senses
Catrin Misselhorn and Hong Yu Wong
Block Seminar format, see website for details

CIN Graduiertenkolleg Seminar
Models, Mechanisms, and Levels
Liz Irvine, Kirsten Volz, and Hong Yu Wong
Wednesdays, 12-2 pm
Raum X, Burse, Philosophisches Seminar, Bursagasse 1

October 19, 2011 start

Graduate seminar
Body Perception: From the Inside Out and from the Outside In
Sally Linkenauger, Betty Mohler, and Hong Yu Wong
Mondays 4.15-6 pm
MRZ Seminar Room, MPI Biological Cybernetics, Spemannstr. 41
October 17, 2011 start

Summer 2011
Philosophisches Seminar, Universität Tübingen
Graduate School of Neural & Behavioural Sciences – International Max Planck Research School, Tübingen
Mondays, 12-2 pm (ST), Raum X, Die Burse (Google Map of location)

Autumn 2010
BA Philosophy of Psychology
Birkbeck, University of London
Tuesdays, 6-7 pm
Summer 2010
CenSes Graduate Seminar
Consciousness in Action (with David Papineau)
Institute of Philosophy, University of London
Tuesdays, 4.30-6.30 pm