These are my OOAK dolls created by me.

"OOAK" derives from the English One of a Kind. It is by definition 
a doll that is unique in the world that is 
entirely changed and the toy is transformed into a unique piece of collection. 
The doll is OOAK , it is not created from scratch, 
but uses the body and the 
head original, they are modified. To create an OOAK 
you have to have manual skills, artistic and the time to dedicate to it, from the moment that you must paint 
the face, 
change the hairstyle, sew clothes and create accessories, but anyone can try this 
activities and customize their dolls to pleasure. 

The decision to immerse myself in the creation of fashion dolls, OOAK dolls was founded approximately 10 years ago. 
I discovered by chance while surfing on the internet and wowed me immediately the idea of being able to customize 
my dolls. So I started, I did some research to figure out how to delete the faces and change 
hairstyles, what techniques to use to paint the new features and then I launched to create the 
my Barbie Dark.It was fun to see how completely changed and turned from a 
simple barbie to the my dark lady, unique in the world. I created for her and for most of my OOAK dolls also 
dresses and accessories. 

Eliana                                Pericle


Janet                                         Simone


 Before                                     After


  Before                                     After


  Before                                     After