The Motel


This Motel is set in a small space left between the playroom and the park, it is very low as environment because for logistical and aesthetic reasons the upper floor has been lowered. 
At the motel you can only access the playroom. 

One of the walls, where there is the entrance is in fact communicating with the playroom and is divided only by a curtain.Two other walls are original ones the cabinet that contains the entire structure to which was added the the socket while the fourth wall was made from a piece of an old cabine wer that has the same type of wood, the latter wall was converted into a window to which was added a tent to have some privacy, the front part was painted with the same technique of the stairs and the park sidewalk to give uniformity to the project.



Inside is a chandelier with LED lights. The most important piece is the bed that is built with old cardboard and adhesive paper. The bed in the lower part contains various pillows, pillow cases, sheets and blankets sewn specially for this room. To make it more welcoming environment we have a bedside table with television and a candle placed on a doily (with real candles), a painting with golden frame (the picture is a print  grip on the web and the frame was made with old pieces of wood and painted in gold acrylic). Next we can see an ornamental plant of which you will find explanations of its creation on this page of my BLOG. To make things hotter in the center there is a carpet that recalls the colors of the bed. Attached to the wall, at the foot of the bed, finally we find a shelf with compartments containing a pencil, of the books that you can read in full relax, earnings tissues and various other things.