Here is the Playroom ... was built with no panels joined together but just resting in order to more easily be carried. The floor is made of thick cardboard coated with adhesive paper blue and white chequered roof, we find many colorful lanterns that light up with joy. The front wall and one on the right are painted plywood panels at the top and the bottom paper, both coated with a strip in the Center depicting bowling balls that recalls the main theme of the room and completed by skirting boards and switches for electric current.In the opposite wall you can see two large framed Windows from which you can admire a beautiful view and a large tv where you can watch the shows we love most together with playmates. On the right we find the door leading wing toilets and hung the darts. The third wall is made up of two columns with the same reasons of the walls that hold up an imposing curtain that divides the game room by motel, we also find of squares in the game.
 The entertainment that we have in our game room are: the table for playing cards with all its accessories, the slot machine, the console for music with his Dj and of course the pool game.

Some periods of preparation

                         Choice of spaces                                                 Preparation panels

Today I put the floor                                                and the lanterns   


                      Side wall is ready...                                                         Accessories initiation    


Construction based slot machine and based pool game



And behind this tent do you hide?
Click on the photo to find out

             Start the progress ...                                            
In this first photo, at the bottom, can the true beginning of the work and games room at the top like it is almost finished now ... still some work and will be ready !!!