Together at Christmas 2016

This is the diorama of Christmas 2016. It is a mobile diorama, or that will be dismantled at the end of the Christmas season to make room for some other idea. 

- Complete Panorama ... it will be a fun evening.

- We have the right outfit for the evening.

- We pack the presents and we finish the final touches.

- Bingoooooooo!!!

It was mounted inside the cabinet that contains my village for Fashion Dolls (click here to see the village project in my blog). The walls I left as they are while the floor was covered with a paper red carpet effect.
The first thing I built are paintings Christmas theme to create the atmosphere.
I tried the figures that seemed appropriate and I printed, cut out and pasted on yellow and red construction paper to make it a small frame.
As soon as they were ready they attached to the walls along with other decorations, and I added some furniture and other golden decorations all around the wall to create light.
After I am dedicated to the modification of the old Christmas tree from here I removed the old decorations and I have inserted new (which had already been created long ago for another job). I placed under the tree gifts, greeting cards I had previously printed and the bag containing other gifts.

After completing the tree are passed to imbandire the buffet table ... Finally I found who will take care of the dinner during these holidays. 


I sewed the red pillows to give more festive air to the sofas,
 I added some decorative theme to put here and there, and finally...


 I am dedicated to the construction of the fireplace, that piece inevitable that warmth and harmony to any environment.
I cut the pieces to size of big cardboard, I printed the paper with bricks and with this I covered the pieces, once dry I assembled everything and I applied the decorations made before. 

Start the party 

- Classic board games ... bingo!

- Another classic: Played cards.

-  Another panoramic photo. 

- Looks that become even sweeter thanks to the magic of Christmas.

- I love you my friend.

- They start dancing. 

- Souvenir photo in front of the tree.

- It's time to exchange gifts. 

- A little present for you.

- Exchange of gifts.

 - A bit of romance under the tree. 

- Finally you eat.

- Like some wine?

 - A smile to capture this moment.

- Me, you, the cat, the fireplace, Christmas ... it's magic.