The structure of this Bar is 0.6 cm plywood.  To implement it first, I cut the panels with the measures that I wanted (61 x 41 x 41), then I cut the holes for the door and the window. I painted the outside, the roof and the floor with glossy black enamel and the interior walls with shiny light purple Nail Polish.


With a more subtle wood strip I created the posts of the door and window frames, black for the inner, purple for the exterior. In the same way I have built shelves, both simple ones that the square ones. 


The plinth is always gloss black painted balsa wood. To the counter I used 1 cm thick wood. The top is covered with adhesive paper-hued marble, while the bottom I painted black enamel and I applied the adhesive rhinestones.


I built the stools with chalk to create the bottom Cone, the wood for legs and cardboard, foam rubber and leather for the seating, even here I added rhinestones. 
The table I did with four strips of wood painted black and a piece of Plexiglas (bigger than the one used for the window).   Everything is glued with PVA glue.


I attached the spotlights on the roof and then are passed to create some Accessories: tall plants that are located at the corners, the menus, I filled the glasses with cocktails (made with silicone and Acrylic colors), the coasters, the candle holders (with real candles), paintings and postcards, straws, the box bottle holder, the packets of coffee and the napkin rings. The rest of the accessories, some I had already, others found them turning various markets. The espresso machine is a magnet that prior to joining my diorama was attacked in the fridge of my house. The chairs near the table I bought on e-bay. 


This is the place where my dolls can meet and spend a nice time with their  friends.  

Other funny moments at the bar


My empty bar ... to see better details   

In these pictures the bar is empty and you can see some better details as the long decorative plants harvest the corners or the coffee machine,
the various bottles, prints, postcards on the wall .
  These three square shelves I created to have a space to exhibit small ornaments.
The transparent plexiglass table we find ready awaiting guests.
  The most chic and romantic atmosphere spotlight...
and all the snacks on the counter for a perfect happy hour.