Fashion Doll 16"

This is my Tulabelle,
 the only fashion doll 16 "inch of my collection (for the moment). 
I think it's beautiful and the fact that it is bigger than the other fashion dolls is very positive, 
it's because you're able to appreciate more details and because it is easier to create accessories for her :) 
... only flaw created a diorama occupies more space :(

Tulabelle is one of the dolls 16"inch lines of Integrity Toys. 
And' the granddaughter of Poppy Parker, and a professional fashion blogger. 
expert on latest trends for young people 
fashionistas all over the world. Tulabelle comes from a long line of relatives in the field 
of fashion and has inherited from his family a vast archive of clothing starting 
from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. The highlight of the collection 
it consists of some amazing pieces of his grandmother, the famous model, Poppy Parker!