In the images the little kiddies in some happy moments

At the park ... Beautiful slide!

I love my teddy bear.             The swing is all mine.
 Sleep in tents ... how exciting.
Happy birthday!!!
         What a mess! fortunately there mom.
I like to eat off the floor.
             We play under the table?              We are many, it is a wonderful party.

All kindergarten

                        Our teacher is very sweet.             Sorry for the delay but today he did not want to wake up.
                       They got Mom and Dad!                                           Be good!
          What time do we have to come and get them?     Now that's parents arrived the teacher rests a few.

These are the children of our collection

     Shelly 3 years                  Tommy 3 years                 Margherita 1 year             Nicolas 5 years               Rosalba 5 years 
     Tamika 4 years                 Melody 4 years               Jonathan 4 years               Chelsie 4 years                Deidre 4 years 

   Carla 5 years               Fabrizio 5 years                   Miriam 4 years                   Agata 5 years                  Fabio 5 years 

 Beatrice  5 years               Rod 5 years                       Tod 5 years                   Antonella 5 years                  Biagio 5 years   
                                     Malik 7 years                   Gigi 5 months                                Rèmy   6 months                Sara 4 months

  Other photos

In the small kitchen.                                             Let's dance!
We have a nice green table.                                            I love you.
 We play in our little room.                                             A nice pic-nic.
With these dresses are beautiful dancers.                   It's fun to play together.
In this bike we can be in two.                                 Let's posing for the photo.
 Do you like our small kitchen? Small like us.
                 Shelly two years                         Shelly three years   
                                                 with restored hair