Flower shop

This is my FLOWER SHOP ... 
under the description of all steps in the building!!!


This diorama depicts a flower stalls. 
The dimensions are 25 x 40x 13 cm

 To build it first I cut the wood to length,

I colored the internal and external parts with acrylic paint and varnish finish.

I applied the wallpaper borders, paper with a design reminiscent of a parquet on the floor,

I made the hole in the roof to pull thread for light, 

I glued the battery compartment (to turn on the light) 

and I covered the roof with a washcloth f
rom wooden breakfast.
I created the wall lining the bottom with das and acrylic paints, 


I built the fence with wooden strips, I cut the shelves to size and painted green. I added a wooden platform always covered with a plastic Green Velvet effect and finally I attached two hooks for top executives to even hang on the wall.


As soon as the structure was complete I switched to the decorations. I printed out, cut and pasted the pictures on cardboard, 
 I created the ribbons and paper to make flower arrangements,

I placed the flowers and plants (many created by me) and other accessories. 



Finally I added the sign is made by gluing a woodblock print supported by a chain.

Of course I made the apron for my doll that works in this flower shop

Some scenes in the flower kiosk

             - Good morning, can I have the most beautiful roses you?      - My girlfriend will be very happy with this gift.

            - I was right to give me these flowers, I just about them.            - 
With these beautiful calle I will forgive my wife.
- You give me that little plant?
                                       - The top one with yellow flowers.

- A rose for my mom, please.                            
- Today business is just fine, I'm selling lots of flowers.